Our CEO Peter LaMantia in collaboration with the Brand Registry Group delivered two educational webinars for business, digital and IT leaders. In this latest webinar, Peter followed up from the first webinar, JUMP THE CURVE PART 1: Building a Brand TLD Business Case, walking attendees through a practical methodology to build and execute a Brand TLD Strategy.  We hope you will find it valuable to help empower your organization JUMP THE CURVE to an authentic, secure, controlled, and TRUSTED Brand Top-Level domain space.


The status quo is a stubborn thing.  Yet, challenging it with new ways of thinking is the only way companies can innovate and remain relevant over the medium and long term.  Challenging it requires courage, persistence and unwavering conviction to inquiry and learning.  We are reminded by thinkers and business leaders why challenging the status quo is both difficult and essential.

First, you need a vision and sponsorship permission to innovate from leadership. That can be achieved by the Business Case and a peer aligned vision statement. Once you have the ‘permission to innovate’, you need a proven Product Introduction Process to align stakeholders to advance teams through; Ideation, Strategy, Planning and Go-To-Market while addressing and mitigating risks.  In this webinar, we share a facilitation methodology you can use to guide your organization to align on vision, build your strategy and execution plan that will create a competitive differentiator, as your company, “Jumps The Curve” to a TRUSTED and SECURE Brand Top Level Domain space.