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Domain and DNS Risk and Pain for IT Teams + Digital Brand Trust is evolving!

Corporate domains and the DNS are increasingly a source of cyber-security exposure They are hard, and time consuming for IT and InfoSec teams to manage and lock down. They are also a downright pain in the …
Domain and DNS Risk and Pain for IT Teams + Digital Brand Trust is evolving!

DNS networks and domains, the digital asset portfolio on which digital enterprises are built, are notoriously difficult to manage.

Tools for the myriad tasks and processes involved in managing domain lifecycles, DNS zone files, TLS certificates, and DNS security settings (SPF, DMARC, and DNSSEC) are lacking in the marketplace. Until now…

NEW Brand Top Level Domains offer enterprises a proprietary name space that can be controlled, secured, and scaled to deliver TRUSTED experiences and secure service delivery. A new technology is needed.

Owning your brand authentic Top-level Domain (TLD) is a platform for innovation anchored on TRUST. Owned spaces are brand authentic. They can be secured automatically from end-to-end, scaled at nominal, marginal cost, and represent the future for trusted brand infrastructures. However, current siloed DNS systems never contemplated proprietary spaces, Until now…

Authentic Web Inc. started building in 2013 and in 2015 released our DNAM (Domain Name Asset Manager Service) as a unified digital control system to EMPOWER IT TEAMS. We offer ease of use and robust tools that bring together not just domain lists but DNS, TLS certificates, workflow, role-based permissions, hierarchy, DNS security monitoring, and other functions needed to efficiently and securely operate a brand’s digital infrastructure.

We continue to iterate and prioritize our roadmap focused on what the market tells us. Today, our customers benefit with a single unified control system to:

  • Establish visibility and control over all domain and DNS management operations
  • Increase Domain/DNS staff and stakeholder team efficiency
  • Reduce domain management cost and total cost of ownership
  • Improve DNS security with automated governance and compliance records
  • Provide a platform and technology to manage and secure new Brand TLD spaces
  • Deliver insights and advice for domain and DNS strategy, develop business cases and ICANN application services for you to get your own Brand TLD space

A New and Better Way to Manage and DNS

TrustWe will only ever do what is right for our customer – even if that means turning down a contract or helping customers reduce domain portfolio sizes. Trust means everything.
InnovationAuthentic Web was founded on the premise that legacy brand domains and DNS “management-by-spreadsheet” is an archaic paradigm for managing critical domain assets and related DNS. We continue to develop innovative tools prioritized by customer-stated needs to increasingly empower teams with VISIBILITY, CONTROL and AUTOMATION tools.
DeliverWe make promises to our customers (and each other) every day. Failing to keep a promise however trivial it might be is a big deal to us and counter to our culture. We do whatever it takes to deliver on the commitments we make.
Our WebsiteVisitors to are our honored guests.Our goal is to educate, simplify and help you solve problems – whether or not you adopt our services. Never hesitate to contact us on any topic related to domains, the DNS, TLS certificates, DNS security or how and why you can and should own your own trusted Brand Top level Domain. The best place to start is with our Resources Page →
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