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Domain Pain and An Idea…

As president of aPlus, an Internet and web hosting service owned by Deluxe Corporation, Peter LaMantia had a problem. He had 1,000 domains to look after (more or less.) Every few months a gigantic Excel spreadsheet would land on his desk from his domain manager looking for instructions: renew or don’t renew. He would stare at the spreadsheet. It would stare back at him. The decision was invariably: “Ah what the heck. Just renew them.” This did not seem to make sense to Peter. And he had an idea of how to fix it.

Months of research confirmed to Peter that he wasn’t the only person in enterprise managing domains by spreadsheet. Pretty much everyone does.

And no one likes it. Peter wrote a detailed specification for the dream system that would solve the problems of every digital marketing exec, IT manager and administrator who suffers from trying to manage domains in the complete absence of data, reports, process controls and systems.

Numerous high-profile corporate customers later, there is no turning back. Authentic Web is rapidly establishing as the standard for best practices to manage corporate domains.

In 2013 Authentic Web Inc. was born.
In 2015 DNAM (Domain Name Asset Manager) was launched.

Our Core Values

Earning business from large multi-national corporations when you are a start up with fewer than five employees teaches an important lesson. To beat out the large incumbent vendors, the upstart simply has to be better in every way.

Trust We will only ever do what is right for our customer – even if that means turning down a contract. A domain portfolio is a critical corporate asset. Trust means everything.
Innovation Authentic Web was founded on the premise that legacy brand protection services and spreadsheets is an archaic paradigm for managing domains. Delivering value to our customers through innovative features and functionality is what drives us.
Deliver We make promises to our customers (and each other) every day. Failing to keep a promise however trivial it might be is bad culture as far as we’re concerned. We do whatever it takes to deliver on the commitments we make.

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You are a guest in our house. Sometimes we get carried away with pride in our products and we’ve been known to lapse into “brochure speak.” Forgive us when we do. Our real goal is to educate, simplify and help you solve problems – whether or not you buy something from us.

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