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Help from experts in corporate domain and DNS management
Managing a corporate domain portfolio and the DNS network it runs on is challenging. Sometimes, the best way to improve domain and DNS security, performance and compliance is to have access to seasoned experts – professionals who manage large, corporate domain and DNS projects every day. Here are just a few of the services available to transform your domains and DNS management into best practices operations.

Domain/DNS Migration & Consolidation

The best way to simplify and secure your domain and DNS management operation is to consolidate domain registrars, managed DNS services, and TLS certificate providers. Having a single domain registrar and a primary (plus a secondary) managed DNS service is easier to manage, more secure, and reduces cost.

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Domain Asset Portfolio and DNS Audits

Few organizations are equipped to fully audit their own domain and DNS networks. It’s a costly, time-consuming and manual process that IT staff dreads. Ensure your domain and DNS operations are fully secure and compliant with an external audit. Our APEX-level toolsets pinpoint vulnerabilities including HTTP errors, expired DNSSEC keys, missing TLS certificates, and more.

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.Brand Registry Strategy, Application and Deployment

The most exciting innovation in the global domain space of the last decade is the .Brand registry – the ability for qualified organizations to secure their own TLD. Whether you wish to apply for your .Brand TLD, or you already have it and are looking for use cases, improved ROI, and best practices, we can help.

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Domain/DNS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Survey

The true cost of owning a large domain portfolio and operating a DNS network is large and growing. Domain registration fees are a small fraction of the total cost. Our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) survey was developed using real-work data from business and public sector organizations. Let us plug in your numbers and show you the clear areas where you can reduce cost.

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