Authentic Web offers world-class corporate domain registrar, brand identity, DNS performance and business intelligence services. Our technology and services empower enterprise teams to drive growth by managing brand digital identities with control, visibility and automation. Infrastructure, tools and business intelligence to empower competitive advantage.

Platform services for secure deployment of new Brand Registry digital identities and new service delivery business model initiatives. Learn More.
A platform to manage corporate domain portfolios delivering control with visibility and automation to solve domain name portfolio management challenges. Learn More.
A DNS control hub for the evolving needs of IT. Delivering business intelligence data to inform smart decision making and easy to use tools to execute. Learn More.
Offering decades of combined industry expertise to help enterprises design, develop, launch and manage digital identity initiatives supported by our world-class technology platform. Learn More.
A suite of corporate registrar, business intelligence, and command and control digital infrastructure services, designed for the changing brand identity market. Learn More.