DNS Inspector™

DNS Inspector is a DNS penetration testing system.

Delivering security vulnerability visibility to your external DNS from a malicious actor’s viewpoint.

It’s easier than you think to get and keep control

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Your DNS is in a constant state of change. You have no idea what is live.

Digital, legal, product, IT and other leaders request DNS teams add domains and make DNS zone additions, deletions, and edits. At the same time, other teams make changes to web resources. The result is a disconnected DNS infrastructure, left untended exposes the business to risk while creating more work effort for teams to manage.

To keep control, skilled tech personnel experience painful & time-consuming work effort.

Many exposures exist on your domain portfolio at any time, and it is always changing.

Orphaned DNS • Dangling DNS • Insecure Redirects • None or Bad HTTP Response • Orphaned IPs • No SOA • Excessive Network Hops • Lame Delegations • DNSSEC | SPF | DMARC Errors • Deprecated Cipher Suites • Missing Secondary DNS …

To protect the business and keep your customers safe you must address these issues.

Threat actors employ sophisticated tools to constantly analyze your DNS footprint.

They can map, discover exposures, plan, and launch attacks. They know if your enterprise has not prioritized DNS security and change controls.

That knowledge makes your organization a target!

Domain and DNS Security and Compliance Assessment

Complete this self assessment to evaluate your organization’s DNS security and compliance maturity.

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It is easier than you think to get and keep control

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