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Domain/DNS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Survey

Everyone wants to reduce operational costs.

The challenge for your domain and DNS operation is accurately measuring costs for an area that touches so many vendors, processes, and stakeholders.

We can help.

Authentic Web has developed an industry-tested, comprehensive survey of the total cost of ownership of any domain/DNS management operation. Our detailed survey will accurately benchmark your true operating costs against objective industry standards.

Comparative cost elements in the survey include:

  1. Detailed domain costs by registrar, TLD and ccTLD
  2. Special registrar fees e.g. WHOIS changes, privacy
  3. SSL certs and associated fees
  4. DNS vendor costs by service and QNS requirements
  5. Secondary DNS (if required)
  6. Human resource management time by task:
    • Domain ordering & approval
    • Change management
    • DNS configuration and changes

Armed with accurate data, managers can make informed decisions with reliable ROI estimates.

F1000 Business Services Company Vice President of IT “The Authentic Web TCO model is comprehensive and allowed us to input our own values for complete accuracy.”
Global Consultancy to F500 Head of Global Digital Marketing “We verified a 50% cost reduction by moving to Authentic Web.”
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