Enterprise Domain Management for the new TLD Era

Domain Portfolio and DNS Audits

Pinpoint your domain and DNS network exposure with our APEX-level audit.

Have you conducted a Domain/DNS Audit lately?

Take hundreds or thousands of domains. Spread them across different registrars, DNS services and IP addresses. Factor in 15-25 resource records in the zone per domain and you've got tens of thousands of endpoints.

Are you absolutely certain they're all OK? Wouldn't it be good to know?
An audit will confirm exposure that you need to action

Our Domain and DNS audit includes an APEX resource record examination. This typically reveals issues of larger zone file management problems which unaddressed, create increased security risk.

RegistrarsSevere75-100%Variable. From 3-15 registrars.
DNS ServicesSevere90-100%Variable. Typically, 3-5x the number of registrars.
HTTP 200sLow10-20%Resolves OK. Inspect to ensure optimized destination.
HTTP 300sModerate30-40%Redirects. May be OK. Inspect. Generally intel gap.
HTTP 400-500sSevere40-50%Lost traffic. Potential impact to digital performance & SEO.
DNSSEC/SPF/IPsSevereMajorityWeak security settings enforcement.

What does this mean for your enterprise?

Most organizations trust security, IT and administrative teams to address risk by brute force and will. Policies and procedures exist but they are often manual, non-system based and insufficient to protect your business and customers. Examples of sophisticated enterprises suffering significant business impacts are all too common.

If you have issues here...
To these exploits and risks...
Your business risk exposure is...
Multiple Registrar Services
Multiple DNS Services
Http Response Inspections
Domain Hijack and Interruption
Domain Theft
DNS Cache Poisoning
Compromised network endpoints
Customer fraud exploits
Unmanaged security exposures
Emergency response agility risk
Compliance in change management
Increased Total Cost of Ownership
Digital performance - Customer trust

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