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Domain Asset Portfolio and DNS Audits

Have you conducted a Domain/DNS Audit lately? Take hundreds or thousands of domains. Spread them across different registrars, DNS services and IP addresses. Factor in 15-25 resource records in the zone per domain and you’ve got tens of thousands of endpoints.
Domain Asset Portfolio and DNS Audits

Are you absolutely certain they’re all OK?

Wouldn’t be good to know? An audit will confirm exposure that you need to action.
RegistrarsImpact → Severe
Occurrence → 75-100%
Typical Findings → Variable. From 3-15 registrars.
DNS ServicesImpact → Severe
Occurrence → 90-100%
Typical Findings → Variable. Typically, 3-5x the number of registrars.
HTTP 200sImpact → Moderate
Occurrence → 10-20%
Typical Findings → Resolves OK. Inspect to ensure optimized destination.
HTTP 300sImpact → Low
Occurrence → 30-40%
Typical Findings → Redirects. May be OK. Inspect. Generally intel gap.
HTTP 400-500sImpact → Severe
Occurrence → 40-50%
Typical Findings → Lost traffic. Potential impact to digital performance & SEO.
DNSSEC/SPF/IPsImpact → Severe
Occurrence → Majority
Typical Findings → Weak security settings enforcement.

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