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We research, publish, and curate resources of interest to brand stakeholders responsible for domain and DNS management. Best practice articles and comprehensive guides tackle everyday problems and security issues with solutions advice to help improve corporate domain and DNS management. Topics include:

  • Best practice management of domains and the DNS
  • Domain and DNS security: Managing TLS certificates, DNSSEC, and more
  • Digital Brand Strategy and the Brand TLD (top-level domain) space


Enjoy a wide range of subject interest on digital brands, security, strategy and teamwork, all topical and relevant to the management of corporate domains and the DNS.

February 21, 2021
DNS Security Risks: Legal and Technical Solutions Webinar Date: March 4, 2021 | 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. (EST) Register The Domain Name System (DNS) is the most used service on the internet. It is the foundational technology that makes the internet possible, delivering all digital experiences and online services. The DNS is a global public network – open to anyone from […] Read post
December 15, 2020
IT Processes for Domain & DNS Management are Broken IT staff bear the brunt of managing corporate domains, the DNS, and TLS certificates. Flawed business processes make this complex operational area effort-intensive, costly, and exposed to security risks. Improved business processes can help IT reduce effort and cost while reducing security exposure for corporate domains and the DNS. Read post

Case Studies

Read the real life cases of large enterprise brands from a broad range of verticals that assessed their digital strategies and found room for major improvement. Domain and DNS management scenarios are covered that reveal issues very common to most organizations – along with the system improvements they implemented to improve their security, compliance and performance.

Major Global Bank Confidential Industry: Financial Services; BankingRevenue: ± $27 Billion Read This Case Study
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Industry: Media; BroadcastingRevenue: ± $1.75 Billion Read This Case Study

Market briefs

The explosion of new Top Level Domains and the advent of the .Brand TLD registries have generated exciting new brand innovation use cases. Whether you own your own registry or are still in evaluation mode, our Market Briefs will give you the big picture and deep-dive details to successful domain management and execution.


Domains and the DNS are gaining prominence in the business and technology press. From digital disasters to stunning brand innovations, these are the stories we’re reading and sharing that guide us in the new TLD era.

June 17, 2021
DNS Attacks on the Rise, Costing $1 Million Each According to new research, cyber-attacks using DNS channels to steal data, DDoS victims, and deploy malware have grown in volume and cost throughout the pandemic. Read post
June 2, 2021
Protecting parked domains for the UK public sector Non-email sending (parked) domains can be used to generate spam email, but they’re easy to protect. Read post

White papers

How do you stay current on every conceivable management subject? Domains, the DNS, over 1,300 new TLDs, the very new .Brand TLD registry…there’s a lot going on out there. Get yourself current with our white papers and briefings. The subject matter is topical, researched and empirically tested to ensure that you, as a digital leader can improve your career performance with actionable best practices.

How to Implement and Manage DNSSEC White paper cover

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