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We research, publish, and curate resources of interest to brand stakeholders responsible for domain and DNS management. Best practice articles and comprehensive guides tackle everyday problems and security issues with solutions advice to help improve corporate domain and DNS management. Topics include:

  • Best practice management of domains and the DNS
  • Domain and DNS security: Managing TLS certificates, DNSSEC, and more
  • Digital Brand Strategy and the Brand TLD (top-level domain) space


Enjoy a wide range of subject interest on digital brands, security, strategy and teamwork, all topical and relevant to the management of corporate domains and the DNS.

Flawed business processes make this complex operational area effort-intensive, costly, and exposed to security risks.
A process can be short, such as a simple purchase-to-fulfillment process or a complex, long-term asset management process that spans years.
Corporate domain management is all about business process. Many organizations admit their business processes are broken and in need of an overhaul.
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Webinars to inform enterprise teams on best practices related to the management of Corporate Domains, DNS, and TLS Certificates as well as the emerging Brand Top Level Domain paradigm shift.

DNS Security: The Zone Mess
Are you an IT, Network Manager or Director struggling to get a handle on domains, DNS, and certificates? You are not alone.
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Enterprise DNS Audit Results Revealed: The State of DNS Security and Compliance
Peter LaMantia, CEO of Authentic Web Inc. will share results from enterprise DNS network audits that expose the business and its customers to cyber risk.
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DNS Security Risks: Legal and Technical Solutions
DNS ubiquity and access, while useful, poses serious and growing security risks. Managing security of every domain throughout its lifecycle is a critical part of overall DNS security.
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Case studies

Real world “before & after” stories

Major Global Bank Confidential
The Bank did not apply for their Brand TLD in ICANN’s 1st round. They lacked insights into strategies and business applications for a Brand TLD extension. They sought strategic guidance from subject matter experts and competitive intelligence related to use of domains. They also sought to establish best practices for domain policies & procedures.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The CBC owns a corporate portfolio of several hundred domain names. They held their domains with a large corporate registrar and were looking for increased domain management capabilities, features and value. They also wanted to consolidate several DNS services both on legacy internal DNS systems and third party Managed DNS services.
G Adventures Inc.
G Adventures owns a corporate portfolio of several hundred domain names, growing via acquisition. They’ve accumulated domains over the years. IT, digital marketing and business leadership registered domains without processes or systems. This led to a fragmented, hard-to-manage list of domains spread over numerous registrar vendors. It was time to clean up the mess.
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Market briefs

The explosion of new Top Level Domains and the advent of the .Brand TLD registries have generated exciting new brand innovation use cases.

In this brief we focus on: DIGITAL BRAND TRUST. As consumers, how do we know a website can be trusted to be brand authentic and not pose a security threat? The implications of lost consumer trust is a material challenge for all brands.
In this brief we show the Brand TLD usage growth over the past three years. NEWS! A major milestone towards the next round for brands to apply and operate their own space.
In this brief we share YTD growth in Brand TLD usage and have highlighted just a few examples from the Financial Services, Technology, and Industrial Manufacturing verticals.
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Domains and the DNS are gaining prominence in the business and technology press.

From digital disasters to stunning brand innovations, these are the stories we’re reading and sharing that guide us in the new TLD era.

Domain registrar MarkMonitor had left more than 60,000 parked domains vulnerable to domain hijacking.
Go to articleSource: Bleeping Computer
According to new research, cyber-attacks using DNS channels to steal data, DDoS victims, and deploy malware have grown in volume and cost throughout the pandemic.
Go to articleSource: Info Security Magazine
Non-email sending (parked) domains can be used to generate spam email, but they’re easy to protect.
Go to articleSource: National Cyber Security Centre
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White papers

How do you stay current on every conceivable management subject?

Domains, the DNS, over 1,300 new TLDs, the very new .Brand TLD registry…there’s a lot going on out there. Get yourself current with our white papers and briefings. The subject matter is topical, researched and empirically tested to ensure that you, as a digital leader can improve your career performance with actionable best practices.

How to Implement and Manage DNSSEC
DNSSEC was the DNS industry’s response to solve an inherent vulnerability in the DNS query/answer integrity gap.  In this paper, we discuss: What is DNSSEC How it DNSSEC works What can happen without DNSSEC How to know if DNSSEC is working How to implement and manage in four steps Why systems automation is the only […]
9 TLS and DNS Risks to Enterprise Security and Compliance
Multiple, known weaknesses in the internet chain of trust put enterprise data security at risk. This whitepaper identifies 9 issues with DNS and TLS that organizations need to understand and address to ensure data is secure and customers are protected.
4 RTM Use Cases
The Registry Trust Manager can be used by network infrastructure teams in a variety of use cases. Here we identify four use cases where RTM can be used to create trusted and secure connections, all anchored on the trust authority of your Brand Registry.
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