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The easiest way to establish and maintain external DNS security.

External DNS is a pain to manage. Too many internal stakeholders have access to domain details that can affect DNS security. What if IT Security teams could easily manage the DNS details, such as zone file settings, independent of business management’s domain decisions?
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Managing DNS Security is Difficult

Hundreds of domains, thousands of zone files, DNS security settings, TLS certificates…it’s a lot to manage and potentially get wrong.
Multiple registrars and DNS services Managing hundreds (or thousands!) of domains across multiple domain registrars and managed DNS services makes security problematic. IT security resources need centralized control over this risky environment.
Security teams need a DNS audit Your DNS security posture is often unknown. Hidden within thousands of zone files are orphaned CNAMES, missing ARecords, missing TLC certs, misconfigured DNSSEC, and more. You can’t fix what you don’t know about.
M&A makes things worse When you buy a company, you’re also acquiring their domain and DNS security problems. IT security teams need a better way to assess 3rd party networks before they integrate them.

Get and keep control of domain/DNS security

The two-step solution to locking down domain and DNS security: An audit, 2. A system to get and keep control
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DNS Inspector Delivering security vulnerability visibility to your external DNS from a malicious actor’s viewpoint.
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Domain Name Asset Manager DNAM™ is a unified, integrated control system for managing domains, DNS and TLS certificates. It’s an easier way to secure and manage corporate domains and the DNS.
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White paper A CISO Brief: Why your Enterprise is Exposed on the DNS Lack of functional ownership over domain and external DNS security, combined with a lack of unified control systems to enforce DNS security policies are the top factors that expose your company and customers to external DNS vulnerabilities.
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White paper 9 TLS and DNS Risks to Enterprise Security and Compliance Over 75% of all IT directors surveyed say that managing domains is “a total pain.” This paper offers seven implementable best practices to set you and your domain portfolio on a happier course.
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White paper M&A Guide to Assess and Consolidate Domain Assets and DNS Networks Assessing and consolidating domains and DNS providers are crucial “pre” and “post” M&A deal priorities. You are not only buying the valuable assets, you are also buying the cyber security risk.
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