Building a Brand Top-Level Domain Business Case

Our CEO Peter LaMantia in collaboration with the Brand Registry Group delivered an educational webinar for business, digital and IT leaders. In this webinar Peter ran through a methodology to create a Business Case to support investment decisions to JUMP THE CURVE to an authentic, secure, controlled and TRUSTED Brand Top-Level domain space.


Brand Top-Level Domain innovation is an opportunity to JUMP THE CURVE. You can build a better, more efficient, and brand trusted digital ecosystem that is owned, scalable, secure and trusted. Brand Top-Level Domain business case costs and benefits can be difficult to understand and quantify for leaders contemplating the value of applying, owning and deploying a Brand Top-Level Domain strategy.

Peter solves the complexity for you with a model to quantify the current and increasing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of managing domains, DNS, Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates and Brand Protection cost centres. He will then share how these status quo operating costs can be significantly reduced over 5 and 10-year timelines. The model also shows how innovation opportunities can be quantified to generate top line growth and contribution margin improvements.