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Risk & Compliance Officers

Enterprise believes it’s security-standards compliant. It isn’t.

Despite security framework standards like ISO, NIST, SOC Type II, and CIS, external DNS remains a security threat, unaddressed by risk and compliance officers.
Enterprise believes it’s security-standards compliant. <span>It isn’t.</span>

DNS Security Compliance isn’t easy

The DNS is a public system, open to any party to probe for weaknesses. Enterprise external DNS is the #1 source of cyber-breaches.
Multiple registrars and DNS servicesMost organizations manage hundreds (or thousands!) of domains across multiple domain registrars and managed DNS services. Maintaining security compliance across multiple vendors is difficult. See how we can help →
Lack of compliance auditsRisk and compliance officers often don’t know the state of their domain asset and DNS security compliance. Neither do their IT and infrastructure teams. Gaining compliance starts with a DNS security audit. See how we can help →
Non-compliance in DNS SecurityStandards frameworks spell out the need for compliant change management systems. Yet, most organizations manage their domains and DNS manually, without tamper-proof logs or change management control. See how we can help →

Establish and maintain DNS security compliance

The two-step solution to DNS security compliance:
  1. An audit,
  2. DNS Change Management system
DNS InspectorDelivering security vulnerability visibility to your external DNS from a malicious actor’s viewpoint.
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Domain Name Asset ManagerDNAM™ is a unified, integrated control system for managing domains, DNS and TLS certificates. It’s an easier way to secure and manage corporate domains and the DNS.
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White paperA CISO Brief: Why your Enterprise is Exposed on the DNSLack of functional ownership over domain and external DNS security, combined with a lack of unified control systems to enforce DNS security policies are the top factors that expose your company and customers to external DNS vulnerabilities. Download paper →
White paperM&A Guide to Assess and Consolidate Domain Assets and DNS NetworksAssessing and consolidating domains and DNS providers are crucial “pre” and “post” M&A deal priorities. You are not only buying the valuable assets, you are also buying the cyber security risk. Download paper →
White paper9 TLS and DNS Risks to Enterprise Security and ComplianceOver 75% of all IT directors surveyed say that managing domains is “a total pain.” This paper offers seven implementable best practices to set you and your domain portfolio on a happier course. Download paper →

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