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Why Authentic Web

Complete Control, One System
Authentic Web is the only corporate domain registrar enabling enterprise brands to fully manage their domains, DNS, and Brand registry on a single, integrated system.
A New and Better Way to Manage and DNS

The fact is, the domain and DNS space has exploded in size, complexity and security risk. There are over 1,300 top-level domains today plus hundreds of Brand registry TLDs. Hackers increasingly target the DNS, and corporate domain portfolios just keep growing and growing.

Systems to manage this are woefully inadequate. Most registrars offer a domain ordering admin portal, but these fall far short of a robust control system. Few, if any offer integration to the DNS. If you use multiple registrars and DNS services, it’s a bit of a nightmare to manage it all. That is, until now:

The Authentic Web system was built for enterprise domain stakeholders. Marketing, IT, Legal and other stakeholders deserve capable tools to ensure security, compliance and performance for your domains and DNS.

Authentic web has the platform that delivers four things that enterprises demand, yet are not achieving on their legacy domain systems:

Security and Compliance
Operational Efficiency
Strategic Advantage through Brand Innovation
Domain Cost Containment
Managing domains by forms, spreadsheets and support tickets just doesn’t cut it anymore.
Whether you’ve adopted your own .Brand registry, or you manage a portfolio of multiple TLD domains using 3rd party registrars, you need control, visibility and automation over your domain assets.
Experience and Insights
Built for Teams
Innovation Mission
See how it all works
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