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Brand Registry Strategy, Application and Deployment

Over 550 Brands applied for their Brand Registry, yet only 140 have deployed. Why?
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Success with your .brand demands strategy and execution.

Our experience gives you both

Tactics should never precede strategy. Many enterprise brands rushed to acquire their .Brand registry as a brand defense tactic. Yet, others have launched successful use-cases and are reaping the benefits of stronger digital branding.

Many companies failed to plan for their Brand TLD and have simply parked a potentially valuable asset. It could be that they consciously decided to forego deploying in the belief that the ROI is lacking. Innovators are proving this idea to be wrong!

Whether you already have your .Brand registry or are simply considering applying in ICANN’s pending 2nd round, we can help.

How to get started:
  1. Engage our experts to better understand your current Domain Asset Portfolio
  2. Develop a .Brand business direction connected to your competitive space
  3. Prepare a compelling business case for your own registry
  4. Prepare and submit the ICANN application
  5. Manage the application through the ICANN process
  6. Develop and resource the plan to deploy differentiating use cases
  7. Meet your brand and ROI objectives and continue to outperform
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If you own your Brand Registry but haven’t yet deployed it… You still have a window to earn first mover advantage in your competitive sphere.
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If you haven’t applied… Now is the time to develop a winning plan to outcompete with your own secure, authentic Branded space.

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