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Managing Domains, the DNS, and TLS certificates is painful. It doesn’t have to be.

This five-part series uncovers the pain that numerous stakeholders in organizations experience managing, securing and governing domains and the Domain Name System (DNS). We uncover the costs, inefficiencies and IT security risks that are addressable, if understood.

The Pain of Corporate Domain Management Domain management is a long lifecycle task that impacts numerous stakeholders throughout an organization. As domain portfolios grow in size, operations staff in multiple departments are facing pain in terms of costs, work effort, and IT security risks. Read the post
Front-end Domain Management Pain: Originators, approvers and registrars Corporate domain management pain starts with the people that request and approve domains. Process flaws in this critical, initiate step launch an ongoing lifecycle of high cost, effort ,and IT security risks that can be avoided. Read the post
Why IT suffers most through the Domain, DNS and SSL Lifecycle One a new domain is registered it falls on IT (network operations and InfoSec) to manage the domain through its end-to-end lifecycle. IT bears the brunt of high cost, manually intensive processes that are fraught with known security risks to the enterprise. Read the post
Governance, Compliance and Cost of Ownership Corporate domains are held in ever-growing portfolios for years. These critical, digital assets demand ongoing governance and compliance at increasing cost, effort and IT security risk. Stakeholders charged with these tasks need better tools and practices.
Read the post
How to Eliminate Domain Management Pain Corporate domain management is painful, but it needn’t be so. New best practices and modern systems can eliminate manual process, cost and effort while locking down security exposures that place enterprise at risk. Read the post
A Complete Guide to Improved Management of Domains and the DNS Our summary article is a comprehensive guide through the end-to-end domain management journey. We examine the management pain in cost and effort starting with the business originators who register domains. Through IT’s domain setup and DNS configuration to the ongoing effort of governance and compliance we identify the costs and security risks that are addressable with modern practices and systems. Read the post

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Pain of Corporate Domain Management Pain is a series of 5 posts including a culmination pillar post to bring it together….

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