Webinars to inform enterprise teams on best practices related to the management of Corporate Domains, DNS, and TLS Certificates as well as the emerging Brand Top Level Domain paradigm shift.

On-Demand Webinars

DNS Security Exposures Join us to learn about common DNS security exposures. Learn what will happen if these exposures are not addressed, what a DNS pen test looks like to bring visibility to these security gaps, how they can be addressed and then verified. Watch webinar
A CISO Briefing: How your organization is exposed on the DNS: The CISO Directive As a CISO SVP, or VP responsible for the overall security posture of your enterprise, this webinar is for you. Join us to learn how essentially all large organizations are exposed on the external DNS. Watch webinar
DNS Security: The Zone Mess Are you an IT, Network Manager or Director struggling to get a handle on domains, DNS, and certificates? You are not alone. Watch webinar
Enterprise DNS Audit Results Revealed: The State of DNS Security and Compliance Peter LaMantia, CEO of Authentic Web Inc. will share results from enterprise DNS network audits that expose the business and its customers to cyber risk. Watch webinar
Peter’s interview with BizTek.org Founder Bashir Fancy Peter and Bashir discuss the challenges for enterprise IT and leadership to understand the security exposures and compliance gaps in how enterprise manage their DNS infrastructure. Watch webinar
JUMP THE CURVE: Part 1: A Brand TLD Business Case Brand Top-Level Domain innovation is an opportunity to JUMP THE CURVE. You can build a better, more efficient, and brand trusted digital ecosystem that is owned, scalable, secure and trusted. Watch webinar
JUMP THE CURVE: Part 2: Building and Executing a Brand Top-Level Domain Strategy Peter followed up from the first webinar, JUMP THE CURVE PART 1: Building a Brand TLD Business Case, walking attendees through a practical methodology to build and execute a Brand TLD Strategy. Watch webinar
Domain and DNS Risk Modernization Peter LaMantia, CEO of Authentic Web explains why enterprise Domain and DNS security issues persist in creating risks for organizations. Get a step-by-step analysis of common DNS vulnerabilities with recommended solutions in this short video. Watch webinar
Your Domains and DNS are EXPOSED TO RISKS Listen in to this informative presentation on how Brand Top Level Domains are transforming digital brand security and compliance. Watch webinar
All You Need to Know About Brand TLDs We're biased, but perhaps the best concise video overview of the new dot Brand Top-Level Domains (Brand TLDs). Watch webinar