Enterprise Domain Management for the new TLD Era

The best way to manage domains and DNS.

A modern system to manage, control and secure your corporate domains, TLS certificates, and DNS network.
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Your dns network is
vulnerable to cyber attack
because it’s hard to manage.
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Enforce Security and Compliance Security and Compliance Your DNS is critical. Gain security and compliance with a system to manage TLS certificates, DNSSEC, DMARC, SPF, and more.
Take Control your Domain Assets Domain Management Corporate domains can be a headache. Managing domains and DNS under a single control system is easier and more secure.
GET HTTPS EVERYWHERE TLS/SSL Certificate Management Google and other major browsers demand encryption everywhere. Managing TLS certs needs to be easier and less costly.
Deploy and manage your own .Brand Registry Brand Registry Strategy Global brands are deploying their own Brand Top-Level Domains. The right strategy and system for managing your Brand TLD can accelerate adoption and ROI.
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ELIMINATE TIME WASTING DOMAIN MANAGEMENT TASKS Our automated process management makes domain management by excel spreadsheet and emails a thing of the past.
REDUCE YOUR COSTS BY 50% OVER OTHER DOMAIN MANAGEMENT COMPANIES Brand protection companies charge big bucks per domain because they are not automated. We don’t and we are.
MANAGE YOUR ENTIRE PORTFOLIO UNDER A SINGLE PANE OF GLASS A permission-based, central control hub. You see all. You know all.
INSTANTLY SPOT AND CORRECT BROKEN DOMAIN RESOURCE RECORDS We call it “domain heath.” It shows you what’s broken in real time for easy fixes. Who likes File Error 404? We sure don’t!
TRIM BLOATED DOMAIN LISTS Most domain portfolios just grow and grow. A little intelligent pruning can help your digital brand as well as your domain management overhead.
GET DOMAIN TRAFFIC AND OTHER USEFUL BUSINESS REPORTS DNS data by domain...domain performance data…wouldn’t it be great to have that? We have that.
AUDIT ALL DOMAIN ACTIVITY FOR SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE People do things and stuff happens. Now we know who did what and what happened. It’s all good!
CORRECTLY ALLOCATE DOMAIN COSTS TO DEPARTMENTS Departments, divisions, business units...everybody gets the domains they want and pays for what they use. If that’s how you like to operate, that’s how we operate.
CONSOLIDATE MULTIPLE REGISTRARS AND DNS SYSTEMS TO A SINGLE PLATFORM There might be an IT person out there who actually likes managing multiple portfolios on multiple registries over multiple DNS systems...please tell us when you meet that person.
INTEGRATE YOUR DOMAIN REGISTRARS TO DNS FOR ENHANCED VISIBILITY AND CONTROL When domain and DNS information connects together, beautiful things happen. We don’t understand why everyone doesn’t operate this way. It’s so darned easy, too.