Domain and DNS Consolidation

Corporate Domains and The DNS Are Foundational to the Digital Enterprise

Growth of organizations’ digital networks have put domains and the DNS front and center in digital network performance and security. Enterprise domain portfolios are growing as is the Domain Name System (DNS) network. Not surprisingly, IT teams and their network security colleagues are challenged to keep up with DNS change management processes and necessary best practices in DNS security. Woefully under-deployed DNSSEC on corporate networks is a prime example of DNS security exposure. Consolidating domains and managed DNS services are a basic first step to improving network management efficiency and security.

Why Consolidate Domains and DNS?

Corporate domain portfolios and their associated DNS networks are hugely complex operations. Change management control and IT security over domains and the DNS requires costly, resource-intensive process management. Despite organizations’ best efforts to manage domains and the DNS, security risk, exposure and DNS compromise is on the rise. Managing multiple domain registrars and managed DNS services is a major contributing cause of poor DNS security. Domain and DNS consolidation is a highly recommended best practice to effective corporate domain management.

The Benefits of Consolidating to a Single Domain Registrar

Corporate domain management stakeholders, especially IT and IT security resources, benefit hugely by consolidating all corporate domains under a single, enterprise-grade domain registrar. Change management processes with secure password access to domains can immediately benefit from consolidation. Processes can be streamlined, staff efficiencies improved, and the likelihood of domain abuse including orphan domain hijacking can be eliminated.

More Benefits from DNS Consolidation

Most organizations manage dozens of DNS services across their digital networks, often as an unintended consequence of corporate mergers & acquisitions or legacy vendor decisions. With each domain requiring multiple resource records (e.g., Zone Files), this creates an unnecessary maintenance burden with known security risks. Orphaned domains, forgotten CNAME records on expired domains (and subdomains), and DNS hijacking are all on the rise.

Consolidation to a single, managed DNS service, plus a secondary backup DNS service, is essential to streamlining and simplifying DNS network management. In combination with domain consolidation, it’s also significantly more secure.

Domain and DNS Consolidation Services

Do you have more than one domain registrar or managed DNS service? Consolidating to a single point of control will transform your operation. Get single-point control by consolidating your registrar and DNS services

As an ICANN Accredited Registrar, we’ll consolidate your portfolio domain portfolio to an easy-to-use, secure and modern enterprise system. Our proven project management will ensure a flawless migration from multiple, disparate providers to a single service.

DNS migration to our service is also fully managed and secure with each batch of zone files (resource records) fully tested and replicated for uninterrupted performance.

We minimize your consolidation effort and do all the heavy lifting.

  • No more “multiple logins” to disparate portals and domain systems
  • Single-point visibility and control over ALL domains and DNS
  • Seamless integration between domain and DNS management
  • Elimination of “registrar email notices” that swamp your IT staff
  • Ability to monitor and manage domains, DNS and re-directs from one source
  • Generate fully consolidated reports and views over all digital assets

The benefits fully justify the consolidation.
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