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Enterprise domain and DNS management is a deep subject matter area, critical to IT security, corporate brand integrity, and operational efficiency. Learn about and stay current on the latest best practices with our white papers and briefings. The subject matter is topical, researched, and empirically tested to help digital leaders guide their organizations to success.
DNS Security in the Healthcare Sector
DNS Security in the Healthcare Sector →

Healthcare was the most cyber-attacked industry vertical in 2023, surpassing banking & finance. This paper examines external DNS management as a known, and under-addressed vulnerability. We show how IT security frameworks like ISO, SOC II, CIS, and NIST are not always followed by healthcare organizations, and we lay out best practices to address these issues. This white paper includes our first-ever 2024 Healthcare DNS Security Benchmark Report.

M&A Guide to Assess and Consolidate Domain Assets and DNS Networks
M&A Guide to Assess and Consolidate Domain Assets and DNS Networks →

Assessing and consolidating domains and DNS providers are crucial “pre” and “post” M&A deal priorities. In corporate acquisitions, you’re not only buying a company’s assets – you’re also buying their cyber security risk.  In this paper we discuss how due diligence teams can maximize deal value and mitigate post-close risk and cost.

A CISO Brief: Why your Enterprise is Exposed on the DNS
A CISO Brief: Why your Enterprise is Exposed on the DNS →

Lack of functional ownership over domain and external DNS security, combined with a lack of unified control systems to enforce DNS security policies are the top factors that expose your company and customers to external DNS vulnerabilities.

How to Implement and Manage DNSSEC
How to Implement and Manage DNSSEC →

DNSSEC was the DNS industry’s response to solve an inherent vulnerability in the DNS query/answer integrity gap. Learn how to protect your brand and keep your customers and audiences safe.

9 TLS and DNS Risks to Enterprise Security and Compliance
9 TLS and DNS Risks to Enterprise Security and Compliance →

Eliminate known DNS and TLS problems that put your security and compliance at risk. Multiple, known weaknesses in the internet chain of trust put enterprise data security at risk. This white paper identifies nine issues with DNS and TLS that organizations must understand and address to ensure data is secure and customers are protected.

The SSL Certificate Imperative
The SSL Certificate Imperative →

We take website encryption for granted as seen by the “little green padlock icon” on company homepages. The problem is, organizations have vast amounts of content that is not HTTPS encrypted, despite appearing to be. This white paper tells you how to address and remediate this common security risk.

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