Enterprise managers and executives across brand, digital, marketing, IT and legal functional areas are challenged to fully comprehend the implications and best practices as the new TLD era takes hold. These publications will help inform your team thinking to help articulate your corporate innovation and strategic planning and execution.

New TLD Market Information Report

Market Information Report: New TLD Expansion Program

The top level domain space is exploding. Complexity for enterprise managers is growing by orders of magnitude. What is the TLD expansion program? What does it mean for brands? What is a Brand Registry? What are the new capabilities? What strategies should your brand consider to outcompete in the new TLD era.

Domain Management Guide: Steps to Health

Corporate Domain Management: Domain Pain - Steps to Health

An enterprise guide for brand, digital and domain managers. Enterprises have more risk in hidden domain exposure than they know. Understand your organizational domain pain symptoms? Domain strategy, policies and procedures all need to be updated. Steps to build your domain health as a competitive advantage.

.BrandIQ. What is it? What is yours?

Ebook: .Brand IQ

.BrandIQ is a continuum along a curve of understanding and preparedness to deploy your Brand Registry. Do you understand the new capabilties of a brand registry? How do you map those against the corporations digital and business objectives? How to translate that knowedge to innovation use case execution.

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