DNS Security Exposures

What are they?
What will happen if not addressed?
How to see and solve the problem?

Join us to learn about common DNS security exposures. Learn what will happen if these exposures are not addressed, what a DNS pen test looks like to bring visibility to these security gaps, how they can be addressed and then verified. Peter LaMantia, CEO of Authentic Web will walk through observed DNS security gaps that malicious actors actively target. Peter will then share how DNS Inspectorâ„¢ automates DNS inspections to bring visibility to empower your team.

The DNS underpins every digital interaction made by your customers, audiences, partners and is the publicly available network technology that every digital business relies upon. Yet, the DNS is insecure by design. Keeping your customers and enterprise safe necessitates first, the definition of DNS security policies and then systems to empower teams to enforce those policies. 

Discovering DNS security gaps is complicated, laborious, and time-consuming work requiring highly technical, specialized DNS expertise to fully enumerate DNS security gaps. As such, it is not done very often, fully or if at all. DNS security gaps are not that difficult to resolve once you know where to look but it you cannot even see the open kitchen door, anyone who targets your enterprise can just walk right in, take, or compromise your cookies. 


  • DNS security gaps explained
  • Why these gaps are difficult to discover, resolve and keep under control 
  • What will happen if they are not addressed
  • How DNS Inspector solves this visibility and control problem for enterprise teams.