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TLS/SSL Certificate Management

In 2018, Google, Safari, Firefox and Mozilla changed the world for digital enterprise by mandating universal encryption. HTTPS encryption everywhere is the new standard that every enterprise must meet. If you don’t maintain current TLS (formerly SSL) certificates across your entire digital footprint, including domains, subdomains, and domain redirects, then your business is at risk.
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Few organizations meet the new standard

Managing and administering TLS certificates isn’t easy.
Enterprise domain and DNS networks are specifically targeted by cyber criminals for this very reason. The DNS is a quasi-public infrastructure, open to numerous vectors of attack. Sadly, the majority of enterprise organizations continue to manage their domain and DNS networks with outdated, manual processes. This makes network compromise all too easy for malicious players. Eliminating the security risks to your domain and DNS network starts with understanding the vulnerabilities and management practices that make organizations a too-easy target.
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Improve DNS and TLS security while reducing your administrative costs

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One-button click to add cert to domain
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Automated cert renewal
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Certs, domains, DNS integrated under one system
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Secure, low-cost encrypted redirect service

TLS/SSL Certificate Management Case study

The Bank’s digital marketing executives wanted to benchmark their domain name strategy against their competitors and assess business application use cases for the new Brand TLDs. Out of this exercise they also wanted to establish internal best practices for their current domain usage policies and procedures. Read case study →
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