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Corporate Domain Management

Corporate Domain Management can be complex, costly, and expose enterprise data to security risks. Most organizations admit their domain and DNS change management processes are largely manual, made more difficult by having multiple domain registrars and managed DNS service providers. Without a unified, secure system to manage domains, the DNS, and TLS certificates, organizations are exposed to increased DNS security risks. 

The more domains an enterprise has, the more severe its DNS security risk Life was easier when a few dozen domains were enough

In today’s digital landscape, organizations own and manage hundreds, even thousands of domains and subdomains. Each domain is subject to:

  • Multiple resource records in the zone file
  • Mandatory TLS certificate-based encryption
  • Multiple DNS security settings (DNSSEC, DMARC, SPF, DKIM, etc.)
  • All of the above mapping to a network with multiple DNS providers

Typical change management tools used by enterprise for this mission-critical digital infrastructure are often rudimentary. All too often, domain administrators rely upon email threads and spreadsheet lists as their domain management “solution.” Lacking a unified, systems-based approach to domain change management, organizations create manual processes. Domain and DNS service providers offer administrative portals, but these are fragmented, non-integrated, and lacking in a unified security environment. The result is costly and error-prone manual processes, inefficient use of IT resources, and DNS security exposure.

Establish and maintain domain management control by consolidating Domains, DNS, and TLS certificate management to a single, unified control system.

AuthenticWeb solves domain-related change management problems by integrating domain management, DNS, and TLS certificate platforms to a single control hub. Connect to your choice of DNS service providers OR we can provide direct integration between our domain management platform and enterprise-grade DNS, partnering with Dyn (an Oracle Company.) Either way, your IT staff and Digital Marketing team will thank you. Integrating domain management with DNS on a single control system is easier, more efficient, secure, and compliant. 

Your Benefits The easiest way to manage corporate domains, enforce DNS security policies and reduce your total cost of digital asset ownership.
DNS Network & Data Security
Change Management Compliance
Team & Digital Performance
EASY for Teams
Simplify by consolidating your domains and DNS It is time. Make domain and DNS consolidation a priority. Empower your IT team to protect data by consolidating assets to Authentic Web’s modern control system. Benefit with enterprise-grade domain registrar services, best in class Managed DNS, secondary DNS, TLS certificate management and DNS automation tools under one easy to use change management system.
Don’t want to change registrars or DNS providers? No Problem! Authentic Web’s Domain Name Asset Management system integrates with a broad range of domain registrars and DNS managed services. Our vendor-agnostic approach empowers your IT teams to manage domain and DNS controls across vendors of choice from a single change management system. Reduce complexity for teams and gain a unified, system-based approach to Domain, DNS and TLS controls.
Corporate Domain Portfolio Case study

The CBC owns a corporate domain portfolio of several hundred domain names. The CBC held their domains with a large corporate registrar and was not satisfied with the service and value they were receiving. In addition, they utilized several DNS services both on legacy internal DNS systems and third party Managed DNS services. 

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