DNS Security and Compliance

Enterprise Domain and DNS Networks are under attack with increasing frequency and growing business impacts. Domains and DNS are often a shared responsibility which really means no ownership or governance, end-to-end. Without ownership, no one is responsible to ensure proper DNS hygiene and security. The results are operational and system silos that make it practically impossible to enforce DNS security policies. Bad actors know this and use the DNS as a primary attack vector. We can help.

Our Solution

Domain and DNS networks are targeted by cyber criminals because they lack security and compliance. Our Domain and DNS management system is the solution to this problem.

IT security breaches invariably occur at known points of weakness. Enterprise domain and DNS networks are specifically targeted by cyber criminals for this very reason. The DNS is a quasi-public infrastructure, open to numerous vectors of attack. Sadly, the majority of enterprise organizations continue to manage their domain and DNS networks with outdated, manual processes. This makes network compromise all too easy for malicious players. Eliminating the security risks to your domain and DNS network starts with understanding the vulnerabilities and management practices that make organizations a too-easy target.


An automated domain and DNS security system secures your DNS network and ensures ongoing compliance to keep it that way. By eliminating manual processes, new IT staff efficiencies bring increased performance to your operation.

Securing a DNS network isn’t easy. Having hundreds (or thousands) of domains, each with multiple zone file settings, virtually guarantees errors and omissions. Security comes from gaining visibility to your entire network and exercising unified control over it. An automated, systems-based approach makes DNS security easy.
Securing your domain and DNS network is only a point in time occurrence. Domains and the DNS constantly change state, making real-time compliance essential. A systems-based approach establishes DNS security, and ensures it over time. 
Traditional tools to establish and maintain DNS network security simply aren’t working. Manual point-in-time audits, administrative personnel, and manual processes are blunt instruments at best. Automated systems take the human factors out of domain and DNS security. Better security with fewer expended resources means increased performance.

DNS Security & Compliance Webinar

Our CEO, Peter LaMantia explains in this short video why enterprise Domain and DNS security issues persist and what to do about it. The punch line is simple. Organizations manage domains and DNS manually with siloed disconnected systems first implemented 20 years ago.

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