The State of DNS Security and Compliance

About this talk

Join us for a live webinar to learn what DNS security audits and incidents reveal about the state enterprise DNS network security. Peter LaMantia, CEO of Authentic Web Inc. shares results from enterprise DNS audits that expose the business and its customers to cyber risk.

Over the last few years enterprises are increasingly prioritizing DNS security programs. This shift is being driven by the increasing frequency and the rising business impacts and costs related to these incidents.

Enterprise network and security teams are learning the hard way that DNS hygiene matters. Failure to address it is one of the leading causes of DNS related cyber-attack incidents.

In this webinar, Peter will share the data revealed from enterprise DNS audits, learnings from third party research on DNS security incidents, why it is so difficult for IT to get and keep control and how prioritizing this activity with a proactive program will mitigate the risk from DNS cyber incidents.

Summary Agenda

  • DNS Security Research: Incident and Costs Increasing
  • Enterprise DNS Audit Results Revealed | What They Mean
  • Why it is so difficult to Get and Keep Control
  • How to Solve: Control | Visibility | Automation