TORONTO: June 10, 2014: Authentic Web Inc. announced that is has been approved as an ICANN Accredited Registrar for .Brands.

Authentic Web is a platform and services company addressing the needs of enterprises to deploy .Brand ecosystems. The company will deploy its Brand Registry Asset Manager (BRAMTM) platform later this year.

Authentic Web’s platform offers brand managers control and visibility over their closed registry operations. It brings the power of agility and innovation to forward thinking operators of .Brand spaces, upon which they will differentiate how they engage and deliver services to prospects and customers directly and through partners and channels.

Authentic Web makes it easy for front-line managers across the corporate structure to deploy and manage .Brand initiatives, while ensuring corporate oversight and IT control function. Authentic Web will operate as an ICANN accredited registrar on behalf of brand clients where requested. Uniquely, Authentic Web’s BRAM enterprise platform can be deployed as a registrar agnostic offering with API integration capabilities into a brand’s current registrar vendor systems.

“Becoming an accredited registrar is an important milestone to serve our clients preparing for .Brand deployments and require a registrar, said Peter LaMantia, Authentic Web’s CEO and founder. “The .Brand Registry is an exciting new space and marketers are becoming aware of what it can mean to their business. I have yet to meet a marketer who does not see the clarity of messaging benefits associated with a .Brand marketing platform. Our mission is to bring registry control and innovation capabilities to our clients.”


Authentic Web Inc. ( is a platform and services company based in Toronto, Canada serving the emerging .Brand registry market providing CONTROL, VISIBILITY and AUTOMATION technology toolsets that makes it easy to launch, manage, innovate and scale authentic .Brand name ecosystems.


Peter LaMantia, CEO
North America: 1- 855-436-8853
International: 1- 416-821-3225

Peter LaMantia is a speaker at industry events. He will be speaking at the Momentum Events, Digital Strategy and DotOps Congress in Amsterdam, September 18-19. The session will cover the new capabilities and opportunities of a .Brand registry and then address corporate communication approaches to gain stakeholder alignment and build effective strategic and tactical deployment plans.