A new network security service protects enterprise data and keeps customers safe using the control capabilities and trust authority of a Brand Registry.

Toronto, Canada, November 5, 2019Authentic Web Inc., specialists in enterprise domain, DNS and TLS management technology, announced the availability of the Registry Trust Manager, an enterprise application that addresses Internet Chain of Trust vulnerabilities.

As organizations expand data networks to the cloud, connect supply chains, connect internal network devices or deploy IoT use cases, they are increasingly vulnerable to compromise. Authentic Web’s Registry Trust Manager uses a company’s own Brand Registry, a proprietary top-level domain (TLD), to ensure data-in-motion encryption and endpoint authentication on their brand network.

“The Brand Registry offers a new network security capability with trust authority on the DNS that is not available to infrastructure teams using generic top-level domains,” says Peter LaMantia, CEO of Authentic Web. “Organizations operating a Brand Registry can set network security policies at the TLD level to create and scale trusted networks with authenticated connections and data-in-motion encryption.”

Enterprise security best practices demand that network connections are authenticated, data-in-motion is encrypted, and connections are monitored for change and non- compliance. Common failings in a DNS and TLS infrastructure occur largely due to manual processes and human error putting data security at risk throughout the lifecycle of a DNS network.

“Compromised or expired certificates, outdated TLS versions and failed or missing DNSSEC digital signature keys are just a few of the common vulnerabilities that challenge network infrastructure teams,” LaMantia points out. “RTM eliminates these issues by making it easy for teams to create and manage the connections with complete control, visibility and automation, on a trusted, brand network.”

RTM is an industry-first DNS network security and compliance service for Brand Registry owners to protect their enterprise data and keep customers safe.


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Authentic Web equips organizations with modern control systems to manage their corporate domains and DNS network. Leading enterprise brands worldwide have chosen Authentic Web to replace and consolidate legacy domain and DNS providers onto our unified platform for improved security, compliance, digital performance and operational efficiency. Authentic Web also designs, builds and integrates technologies that leverage the new capabilities of proprietary Brand Registries. For more information visit us at authenticweb.com.


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