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We research, publish, and curate resources of interest to enterprise stakeholders responsible for Domains, DNS, and TLS Certificate management. Here you will find best practice posts, comprehensive guides to tackle everyday problems, security and compliance issues and webinar recordings with solutions advice to help make it easy for teams and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Topics include:

Best practice management of domains and external DNS

Business process gaps and regulatory compliance considerations. 

Security: Managing TLS certificates, DNS settings including DNSSEC, and more…


Enjoy a wide range of subject interest on digital brands, security, strategy and teamwork, all topical and relevant to the management of corporate domains and the DNS.

When any business launches a new innovative service, particularly a technology service, it is critical to listen to prospect questions extremely carefully. Since the launch DNS Inspector, we consistently hear these 3 questions. What are examples of DNS security exposures or gaps?  What will happen if these exposures are not addressed?  How does DNS Inspector […]
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Flawed business processes make this complex operational area effort-intensive, costly, and exposed to security risks.
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A process can be short, such as a simple purchase-to-fulfillment process or a complex, long-term asset management process that spans years.
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Webinars to inform enterprise teams on best practices related to the management of Corporate Domains, DNS, and TLS Certificates.

A CISO Briefing: How your organization is exposed on the DNS: The CISO Directive
As a CISO SVP, or VP responsible for the overall security posture of your enterprise, this webinar is for you. Join us to learn how essentially all large organizations are exposed on the external DNS.
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DNS Security: The Zone Mess
Are you an IT, Network Manager or Director struggling to get a handle on domains, DNS, and certificates? You are not alone.
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Enterprise DNS Audit Results Revealed: The State of DNS Security and Compliance
Peter LaMantia, CEO of Authentic Web Inc. will share results from enterprise DNS network audits that expose the business and its customers to cyber risk.
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Domains and the DNS are gaining prominence in the business and technology press.

From digital disasters to stunning brand innovations, these are the stories we’re reading and sharing that guide us in the new TLD era.

Domain registrar MarkMonitor had left more than 60,000 parked domains vulnerable to domain hijacking.
Go to article Source: Bleeping Computer
According to new research, cyber-attacks using DNS channels to steal data, DDoS victims, and deploy malware have grown in volume and cost throughout the pandemic.
Go to article Source: Info Security Magazine
Non-email sending (parked) domains can be used to generate spam email, but they’re easy to protect.
Go to article Source: National Cyber Security Centre

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