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Enjoy a wide range of subject interest on digital brands, security, strategy and teamwork, all topical and relevant to the management of corporate domains and the DNS.
The first TLDs go live!
The first TLDs go live! →

November 2013: Mark this month, the FIRST that saw new TLDs (top-level-domains) delegated to the Internet root. The FIRST of ±1,300 of the FIRST round.  This month will forever be known as the month the taxonomy of the Internet changed. For participants who have worked in their corner of the expansion, it is a welcomed […]

The Brand Registry: A CEO’s Vantage
The Brand Registry: A CEO’s Vantage →

.BRAND registries prepare to innovate their online presence.  How it really happens. Q1: 2011:  I am Bob, Brand CEO. Today, our senior council advised us to secure our .brand in ICANN’s gTLD program. “Why?”, I asked. He explained it like this:  Defensive – Trademark Uncertainty – High Impact Risks – Innovation Potential.  “I get it […]

Brand Registries: 3 Initiatives →

Opportunity Premise New TLDs offer brands the ability to innovate their online presence to build better relationships with current customers and attract new ones. Brands seek the following growth objectives. Acquire customers organically through effective marketing and sales channels Increase loyalty, retention and customer referrals Increase average order value Define brand identity and drive awareness […]

New gTLD Market Strategies
New gTLD Market Strategies →

The optimistic view and the one I choose is that new gTLDs will create innovations enabling Internet users to contribute, create and consume experiences in new ways. Valuable content and applications will migrate to the most relevant strings. Users and search engines will favour authoritative strings driving increasing efficacy in search, use and, as a […]

Did Hilton make a big mistake?
Did Hilton make a big mistake? →

Last week, Hilton executives made the decision to withdraw their TLD application for .HILTON. Did they make a mistake? Are they losing an opportunity to differentiate? Yes and yes. Why and what impact is the decision likely to have as the .BRAND registry era begins? It’s unclear but two competitors are happier this week. Hyatt […]

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