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A unified control system for managing domains, the DNS, TLS certificates, and DNSSEC
Managing corporate domains and the associated DNS network has become costly, inefficient, and increasingly exposed to IT security risk. The reason is, organizations rely on manual legacy processes across multiple vendors including domain registrars, managed DNS services, and TLS certificate providers.

A single, unified control system can dramatically simply the complex chain of operations required to manage domains and the DNS. Eliminating manual processes reduces error, staff time, and ensures compliance for greater security. Best of all, automating domain and DNS management can reduce total cost of domain ownership (TCO) by 30% to 50%.

AuthenticWeb’s latest platform version integrates with most domain registrar and managed DNS providers. Organizations can modernize and automate their legacy domain and DNS management processes without the hassle of switching providers or migrating domains and DNS.

Domain Name Asset Manager: DNAM™ An easier way to secure and manage corporate domains & the DNS

DNAM™ is a unified, integrated control system for managing domains, DNS and TLS certificates. The latest version now offers integration to most domain registrars and managed DNS services, bringing the benefits of automation without the effort of switching registrars or migrating DNS.

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DNS Inspector™
DNS Inspector™ Displays your external DNS from a malicious actor’s viewpoint.

The complexity of a DNS network makes it difficult for IT teams to see the security gaps that malicious parties actively target to exploit.  Wouldn’t it be great if your internal tools identified the very weaknesses that threat actors are determined to find?

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Registry Trust Manager™: RTM
Registry Trust Manager™: RTM A control system to authenticate network connections & ensure data-in-motion encryption

RTM solves the common problems of weak authentication and broken TLS encryption instances that put data-in-motion at risk. RTM uses an organization’s own Brand Registry as a more secure and trusted environment for any server-to-server connection.

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Brand Registry Asset Manager: BRAM™
Brand Registry Asset Manager: BRAM™ Innovate in Brand Authentic Digital Spaces

BRAM is purpose-built for enterprise teams to effectively deploy, manage and scale their own Brand TLD. Organizations that operate their proprietary brand registry need systems-based automation to manage their digital ecosystem efficiently and securely.

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Domain Name System Services: DNS
Domain Name System Services: DNS Managed DNS with Control Hub Interface

Authentic Web offers a fully managed DNS service option backed by a secondary, redundant DNS service, which is completely integrated into our domain/DNS change management system: DNAM. It’s a single pane of glass approach to managing domains and the DNS. For clients who wish to use their own DNS, we can integrate DNAM with most managed DNS services.

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