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Read the real life cases of large enterprise brands from a broad range of verticals that assessed their digital strategies and found room for improvement.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

The CBC owns a corporate portfolio of several hundred domain names. They held their domains with a large corporate registrar and were looking for increased domain management capabilities, features and value. They also wanted to consolidate several DNS services both on legacy internal DNS systems and third party Managed DNS services.

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industry Media; Broadcasting
Revenue $1.75 Billion
details The CBC is Canada’s national public broadcaster.
G Adventures Inc.

G Adventures owns a corporate portfolio of several hundred domain names, growing via acquisition. They’ve accumulated domains over the years. IT, digital marketing and business leadership registered domains without processes or systems. This led to a fragmented, hard-to-manage list of domains spread over numerous registrar vendors. It was time to clean up the mess.

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industry Travel Services
size + 100,000 guest trips per year
details G Adventures is the world’s largest independent adventure travel company.
Global Business Services Company Confidential

Managing hundreds of domains using a large, incumbent corporate registrar, The Company felt they lacked management control over this important digital asset – and costs were high. Stakeholders in Marketing and IT had overlapping but different needs and preferred to manage domains themselves, assuming they could find the right system.

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industry Enterprise Services, Enterprise Services
Revenue $3.5 Billion
details The company is a global business advisory service focused on Fortune 1000 organizations.