Benchmark audit exposes organizations’ vulnerabilities to ransomware, DNS hijacks, phishing, and other compromise risk.

Toronto, ON – May 16, 2024 – Authentic Web Inc., specialists in enterprise domain and DNS security compliance systems, announced the first-ever benchmark study of domain and DNS security in the U.S. healthcare sector. The study examines thousands of domains and tens of thousands of DNS records, sampled across 25 medium and large healthcare providers. The analysis confirms that the healthcare sector has domain and DNS-related security vulnerabilities in need of resolution.

Peter LaMantia, Authentic Web’s founder and CEO says, “In 2023, IT security experts ranked healthcare the most cyber-attacked industry vertical. Since the DNS is at the root of almost all security breaches, we felt that a sector-wide, forensic analysis of domains and the DNS would help inform healthcare security and compliance stakeholders of potential issues.”

The Healthcare DNS Security and Compliance Benchmark Report compiles aggregate data from healthcare entities’ domain and DNS infrastructures. It includes the percentage adoption of secured (HTTPS) URLs and redirect domains, dangling CNAMES, orphaned IPs, lame delegations, and examines DNS security settings such as DNSSEC, DMARC and SPF. The forensic snapshot of the audited DNS security elements shows a wide variance in security compliance measures employed by the healthcare sector.

LaMantia adds, “Because the external DNS is a public network, any party, authorized or otherwise, can discover security gaps, and exploit the weaknesses they find. We strongly believe that security professionals must equip themselves to self-audit and monitor the DNS to establish a complete and effective security posture. When equipped with DNS inspection systems, teams can discover, investigate, and remediate vulnerabilities.

The Healthcare DNS Security and Compliance Benchmark Report is available without cost to IT security professionals. Qualifying healthcare entities are invited to utilize Authentic Web’s DNS Inspector service to assess their respective external DNS networks.

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