A DNS penetration system for enterprise to ensure the external DNS network is secure and optimized.

Toronto, ON – March 16, 2022 – Today Authentic Web Inc., provider of enterprise domain, DNS, and TLS certificate control systems announced the release of DNS InspectorTM. DNS Inspector is a DNS penetration testing service that analyzes and displays the external DNS security gaps on enterprise domain portfolios from an intruder’s viewpoint.

The DNS is insecure by design and publicly accessible to anyone, including malicious actors. DNS network complexity makes it difficult and painful for IT teams to discover security gaps that are actively targeted for exploit. Peter LaMantia, CEO of Authentic Web explains how it came to be, “It makes no sense that intruders are actively mapping DNS network exploitation points and enterprise IT security has no similar view. Don’t teams need to identify the very weaknesses that threat actors are determined to find? Today we are releasing this DNS penetration testing and intelligence service to empower teams to get and keep control of their external DNS network.”

Daniel Pizon, CEO of CanaryTrap.com, who operates an IT systems security vulnerability testing firm says, “It’s impressive. What Authentic Web is doing is creating the most valuable domain and DNS enterprise control system on the market that addresses a major pain point and security blind spot for IT teams.”

DNS Inspector brings visibility to the external DNS network the way intruders would like to. With DNS Inspector, an enterprise’s ever-changing DNS security gaps can be discovered, investigated, and verified before they are compromised. Peter adds, “We searched the market for systems and tools that can alert DNS network operators to evolving security gaps. There simply aren’t any. Such “DNS data lake” tools do exist but are hopelessly complicated due to stale and/or irrelevant data that requires valuable IT to spend hours filtering and cross-referencing data to find bad zone file records. That is an impractical approach that no one has the patience, or time and few have the expertise.”

DNS Inspector automates the investigation and presents relevant live data. It is simple and easy to use with a presentation layer that is actionable and verifiable. DNS Inspector promises to make securing your DNS network a rewarding task that has always been an IT person’s worst nightmare.

Go To: dnsinspector.io to learn more or authenticweb.com and navigate to the DNS Inspector service.