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All You Need to Know About Brand TLDs

We’re biased, but perhaps the best concise video overview of the new dot Brand Top-Level Domains (TLDs).

Peter LaMantia, our CEO explains why brands applied to get a brand TLD, what they can do with it, and how to go about executing a best practice strategy for launch.

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We hope this short video helps to stimulate your thoughts on the wise the
wat and the house to think of a brand
top-level domain we’re going to focus
mostly on why why brands are adopting a
brand TLD strategy the brand chill the
expansion is a paradigm shift in digital
marketing DNS infrastructure youth and
service delivery it will change how
brands communicate with and deliver
services to customers if you stop to
think about it branch he’ll DS are
really a natural evolution of the
Internet we sometimes forget that the
internet is very young many paradigm
shifts are you have to come and this is
simply one already routine brands go
live I know firsthand that others are
preparing for launch for reference we
produce a simple showcase micro site
that shows several dozen brands and what
they’re doing today simply go to Brad
Tod news and have a look some are simple
test and learn initiatives others like
BNP paribas are in full digital
transformation mode these are the first
movers they are already gaining a market
advantage with experience and learning
the digital transformation is here it
may take some time but it is starting to
happen I think this quote from Bill
Gates is quite relevant we always
overestimate the change that will take
place in the next two years but
underestimates the change will take
place in the next 10 he goes on to say
don’t be lulled into inaction because
seemingly nothing’s happening if you
think about the Internet’s initial
flourishing let’s say 1998 to 2008
everybody thought would happen
immediately but it took time and then
suddenly everything is different new
opportunities emerge new companies were
formed and those companies that took no
auctions action got left behind mobile
and social are two other great examples
brand TLD in my view will be similar so
i thought i’d share how my thoughts
began to gel on this subject
and perhaps through my journey you will
it will help you you and your team
advance your thinking my background is
in domains web services and digital
marketing dating back to the 1990s I
know that domain portfolios are a pain
to manage firsthand they’re hard to
understand technically with a lot of
regulation or costly they often involve
several registrar’s several name servers
and the data is typically invisible to
manage and if you can’t see it you can’t
manage it they are also the very
foundation of the brand’s digital
footprint both is communication tool and
underlying network infrastructure the
DNS when I can launch the new top level
to being program we found out that
nineteen hundred and thirty applications
were submitted from all over the world
generic Geographics community tlds idn
and over 600 were brand I was absolutely
floored Larry played sauders and Google
applied for a hundred and one what
really struck me was a brand top-level
domains I couldn’t stop thinking about
it what does this mean I was going to
change the internet what are the new
communication and technical capabilities
hubbell brands use them to improve the
customer success drive business growth
innovative communications service
delivery and security what are the brand
protection challenges and benefits how
will that change do brands even
understand what they just spend hundreds
of thousands of dollars to acquire the
answer was clearly know what the other
questions still remain knowing what I
know about domain digital marketing in
the DNS I knew this would change
everything but it was still a puzzle to
try to unravel my first saw of
complexity and how that will grow by
orders of magnitude I felt sorry for the
intellectual property teams it was their
worst nightmare already brand protection
workload and costs are high and for the
IP manager who holds a large or even
modest number of demands for defensive
purposes if they continue with that
current practice the effort and cost
will go through the roof so that won’t
work if they did not continue with that
practice the expose their brand to new
threats this is also unacceptable and
even with ICANN working groups on IP
mechanisms the whack-a-mole game of
hundreds and soon to be thousands of
gTLDs are going to be a big business
problem there are simply too many
vectors for infringement so what a
conundrum for the IT teams what should
they do and then the light bulb came on
brand feel these are the solution to
fight against nefarious actors it’s an
elegant solution it’s cheaper it’s
better it’s bulletproof it’s authentic
trusted controlled in secured space set
it up and educate your market over time
reduce brand production costs and
efforts and improve the efficacy of
those efforts many companies are
starting to figure this out already just
ask your CEO what if we can put a moat
around our brand would we do it you
better do it so this is the first why in
why brands will undertake a brand
top-level domain strategy defense brand
protection advocacy and reduce costs it
really does make sense and it just think
about it for a moment when you invest in
your own space as you educate your
markets that this is the authentic brand
space you will gain audience trust they
will feel secure interacting with your
quality authentic brand the more you
invest in your space the more you can
start to pare back defense and others
the pace is up to you the big benefit of
a brand top-level domain is digital
transformation the graph shows as you
cut the festive costs red line items and
as you make green opportunity
investments that drive business growth
and improve the prudence and security
trust and gain innovation ROI it’s
clearly a better place to be
everybody would rather be a point a on
this ground so there you have some of
the why and the wat relative to using
your brand Tod for defensive purposes
now let’s move to the opportunity side
of the equation this is the part for
products and digital marketing leaders
there are new capabilities that offer
innovation opportunities to drive new
business use cases this is the
proprietary brand internet built on the
massive Commons of the current internet
infrastructure it’s a blank canvas for
creative minds and market leaders and
it’s massively scalable at an economical
cost it’s a control space at the root of
the Internet where you can create
trusted experiences engagement audience
delivers with deliver services directly
to your partners and channels to access
new data streams gain visibility and
measure customer interaction with each
other and with content and partners the
potential use cases are compelling let’s
start with the customer I recently wrote
a blog post an authentic web blog about
the customer experience who wants to be
a leader what the customers want how and
when do they want to engage with your
brand why will they select your brand
over the competition and what do they do
when they find a brand experience they
like uses cases can be developed to
deliver focused experiences the
customers seek to consume we as
consumers have all have attention
deficit disorder we are all time
constraints we want concise language and
experience to provide to us what we want
when we want it with ease and
convenience we want branch add value to
our life and brands that do that will
gain our affinity and advocacy what you
do depends on your business objectives
and the market you serve let’s take a
couple of affinity brands this is an
example let’s say Nike infer are perhaps
they allow fans and advocates to set of
experience and microsites let’s say jane
doe’s nike
john doe doc ferrari let them interact
let them build a narrative about who
they are how they love and benefit from
the brand relationship reward and
champion them for activity and
excellence as a brand ambassador they
will share and influence of the social
and drive new prospects to your brand
space affinity and advocacy perfectly
natural low-cost peer based marketing it
doesn’t work for all brands but it
certainly is a good news case for some
affinity brings now let’s look at the
channel the channel represents your
brand point point of presence in the
market they sell and they service your
customers how do they present your brand
how do they sell in service how do they
engage when the market changes how long
does it take you as a brand team and the
channel to change their digital
presentations how do you control it how
do you ensure consistency a couple of
examples let’s look at telcos they have
thousands of authorized dealers or
insurers with thousands of agents or
brokers all representing the brand of
the market managing channels digital
presentations and responding to market
change is a huge challenge brand
top-level domains with the right
technology and strategy will allow you
to cascade consistent brand approved
content experiences across your entire
channel you could be more market
responsive and make digital agility in
the channel a competitive advantage
measure and improve serve the channel
give them what they need and when they
needed to lift the entire channel better
communications better service means
customers win partners win brands how
about marketing communications this is
an easy one think about what you’re
doing today in your marketing
initiatives particularly as you seek to
drive offline eyeballs from TV print and
radio to online do you advertise for
facebook with forward slash
promo do you send people to Twitter for
a point in time
engagement lifts all with the objective
to drive audience traffic to a web
presence for transaction roi perhaps use
subdomain such as www and com still
confusing to most or perhaps use
directory structures link destinations
which are all together forgettable
response and conversion rates can be so
low many marketers have simply given up
now you look grand top-level domains as
a new tool communicate with one word one
concept concise and simple memorable
elegantly branded increased response
rates and conversions campaigns that pop
that are new better and different easy
to communicate easy to remember exactly
as that customer expected marketing our
line just improved big time so quickly
i’m going to talk about how how do you
move a big shift like a brand the first
step is to gain executive sponsorship
with a vision once you have that use a
product introduction process they work
very well to bring cross-functional
teams together for new product
introductions it’s a planning process
that aligns leadership with team
activities to achieve to spine goals
move through phases from ideation and
strategy to planning and finally go to
market phases need to be separated by
state games to check alignment and
ensure approvals are there to advance
these stages are structured in a
planning construct that should consider
people dory protests and money it’s a
big subject but that’s the basis of how
i see we’re almost out of time oliver is
giving me the old hook so i’m just going
to wrap up quickly ran kill these or a
paradigm shift every major in a firing
brand will eventually on their own
already 100 are live with use cases from
Captain learn to full
digital transformations why will grants
adopt both for defensive reasons and for
opportunities to innovate along with
competitive drivers what will Brandon
sue this really depends on each brand’s
business objective and how they my
capabilities to the new use cases that
are available to them and how they go
forward they will gain executive
sponsorship and they will execute a
structured transformation plan so those
are the broad strokes I hope it was
helpful and it’s an exciting time to
think differently the world we know is
changing and I’m happy to answer any
questions if you’d like to reach out all
the best

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