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We research, publish, and curate resources of interest to brand owners to learn about the value of trusted Brand TLD ecosystems. Resources include descriptions of; what is a Brand TLD, why a Brand TLD is valuable and how peer organizations are using these proprietary spaces. Brand TLDs improve control and security, and serve as a platform for innovation and an authentic DIGITAL TRUST brand anchor:

Topics include

→ What is and Why a Brand TLD is the future for major brands

→ How to develop a Business Case and Strategy to secure your own Brand TLD

→ What major organizations are doing with their own Brand Top-level Domain.


Enjoy a wide range of subject interest on digital brands, security, strategy and teamwork, all topical and relevant to the management of corporate domains and the DNS.

Is the global governing authority for domains in touch with digital reality? Maybe not…
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Industry first technology enhances regulatory compliance with secure authentication for data transport applications on Liaison’s ALLOY Platform.
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View the infographic to learn about the status of the Brand TLD market at the end of 2016. Click to Download PDF
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Webinars to inform enterprise teams on the emerging Brand Top Level Domain paradigm shift.

JUMP THE CURVE: Part 1: A Brand TLD Business Case
Brand Top-Level Domain innovation is an opportunity to JUMP THE CURVE. You can build a better, more efficient, and brand trusted digital ecosystem that is owned, scalable, secure and trusted.
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JUMP THE CURVE: Part 2: Building and Executing a Brand Top-Level Domain Strategy
Peter followed up from the first webinar, JUMP THE CURVE PART 1: Building a Brand TLD Business Case, walking attendees through a practical methodology to build and execute a Brand TLD Strategy.
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All You Need to Know About Brand TLDs
We’re biased, but perhaps the best concise video overview of the new dot Brand Top-Level Domains (Brand TLDs).
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Market briefs

The explosion of new Top Level Domains and the advent of the .Brand TLD registries have generated exciting new brand innovation use cases.

Whether you own your own registry or are still in evaluation mode, our Market Briefs will give you the big picture and deep-dive details to successful domain management and execution.

In this brief we focus on: DIGITAL BRAND TRUST. As consumers, how do we know a website can be trusted to be brand authentic and not pose a security threat? The implications of lost consumer trust is a material challenge for all brands.
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In this brief we show the Brand TLD usage growth over the past three years. NEWS! A major milestone towards the next round for brands to apply and operate their own space.
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In this brief we share YTD growth in Brand TLD usage and have highlighted just a few examples from the Financial Services, Technology, and Industrial Manufacturing verticals.
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Domains and the DNS are gaining prominence in the business and technology press.

From digital disasters to stunning brand innovations, these are the stories we’re reading and sharing that guide us in the new TLD era.

Recently, I published a Q&A with Cole Quinn, Senior Program Manager of Corporate Domains, TLDs and DNS at Microsoft, about his new role as President and Chairman of the Brand Registry Group (BRG).
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Tony Kirsch from Neustar is a self-professed domain junkie who as stopped talking about domain names with marketers with respects to the new Brand TLDs.
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Martin Sutton, Executive Director of the Brand Registry Group discusses the state of the Dot Brand Top-Level Domains to date and the future with the World Intellectual Property Review.
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