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Healthcare Providers believe they are IT security compliant. They aren’t.

External DNS security issues persistently plague healthcare, making it the most targeted sector by cyber-attacks, ransomware, and data breaches.
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Downloading our white paper “DNS Security in the Healthcare Sector” includes the Healthcare DNS Security and Compliance Benchmark Report 2024, an in-depth audit of 25 large healthcare providers’ collective DNS security posture.
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Your external DNS is vulnerable to many potential issues

As enterprise digital footprints expand, so do external threats via the public DNS. Network Operations owns this difficult space
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Domain hijacking
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Man-in-the-Middle breaches
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Orphaned CNAMES in zone files
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Non-secure redirect domains
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DNSSEC configuration errors
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TLS certificate issues

Authentic Web can help you secure your external DNS security posture

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Conduct a DNS security audit with DNS Inspector™
External DNS operations are complex and a pain to manage. It’s the #1 vulnerability to IT security. DNS Inspector is an easily run process that thoroughly examines your entire DNS operation including:

  • Domain portfolio integrity
  • DNS security settings (including DNSSEC)
  • TLS certificates
DNS Inspector reveals all the DNS security issues you need to be aware of, making remediation clearly visible and easy to implement.
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External DNS Security: Best Practices for Healthcare Compliance
Healthcare Providers are extremely security conscious, following compliance standards that include ISO/IES, SOC II Type 2, NIST, HIPAA, HISTA, and more

Despite this, external DNS management persists as a known vulnerability to the Healthcare Sector, making it the #1 most cyber-attacked vertical industry. Our white paper explains the issues, and how to resolve them.
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