Registry Trust Manager™: RTM

What is Registry Trust Manager™?

RTM anchors on the trust of a Brand Registry to protect your data and keep customers safe. It’s a control system to authenticate network connections and ensure data‑in‑motion encryption

RTM solves the common problems of weak authentication and broken TLS encryption instances that put data-in-motion at risk.

A secure and trusted network

Your Brand Registry is a trusted, authentic space with superior security capabilities over generic TLDs. RTM uses your Brand Registry to encrypt and authenticate connections to every enabled network endpoint. Brand TRUST is assured with data-in-motion protection.


  • Automated, trust certificates at each endpoint
  • DNSSEC management automation
  • Connection monitoring and remediation
  • Policy based DNS security enforcement
  • Protection from people errors/omissions
  • Cost effective and massively scalable

Protect your company data and keep customers safe

Mitigate security risk

Ensure lifecycle integrity in server-to-server/ client authentication and DNS security, eliminating risks to TLS and DNS.

Regulatory compliance

Enforce use of DNS security settings & TLS certificates, with tamper-proof audits, alert digests, remediation and permissioned access.

Automation efficiency

Managed workflow, configurable, default DNS settings and automated tools to reduce compliance costs and boost staff efficiency.

Monitoring & remediation

Maintain real-time vigilance over all network endpoint connections with alerts, connection suspensions and ease-of-resolution.

Enforced security

From SSO, 2FA and whitelisted access to CA, SSL and DNSSEC provisioning; ongoing monitoring and alerts to enforce security.

Identity access

Integrate applications to with x.509 identity and authentication to manage systems access in dynamic network environments.

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