Get Your FREE Domain and DNS Security Audit Report

Rate your domain and DNS network security, highlighting the vulnerabilities putting your organization at risk. Upon submission we will follow up to:
  1. Confirm your request and the main domain name
  2. Run the DNS Inspector security audit
  3. Schedule a call to share your DNS audit findings
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What is the Domain and DNS Security Audit Report?

It’s a comprehensive security audit of your domain assets and external DNS powered by DNS Inspector™, an automated testing system that reveals your domain and DNS network security vulnerabilities.
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What does it analyze?

DNS Inspector scans and verifies the real-time status of security-critical elements including:
  • Domains
  • DNS records
  • A records
  • Domain redirects
  • IP Addresses
  • SPF
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Does DNS Inspector touch my network?

No! DNS Inspector discovers DNS-related data like resources records using publicly available DNS data. This is security-critical data that all organizations must be aware of.
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Do I need to do anything to start the audit?

Just say “yes” and enter your email address.
We’ll do the rest! You’ll get the results shortly thereafter.
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