Who Won The War of the CXOs?

Marketing vs. IT spending on technology and how we’re getting along while spending it. A Gartner analyst, Laura McLellan once famously predicted that CMOs would outspend their CIO counterparts on technology within five years. Not surprisingly, Ms. McLellan attracted a backlash of opposing opinions, including one from a competing research firm, Forrester.  Someone along the …Read More

Brand TLD Market Brief – July 2017

Download the Brand TLD Market Brief – July 2017 Edition and learn: Why domains and glaciers are similar The # of live Brand TLD websites The # of Brand TLD domains registered 10 new brands utilizing a Brand TLD Brand TLD resources: articles, whitepaper, education, use cases Contact us for a complimentary Brand TLD education session.

Brand Leaders Take Note! New TLD Round Proposed for September 2018

In 2012 over 550 enterprise brands got the jump on their competitors by applying for – and winning their own proprietary top-level domain (TLD). These brands which include IBM, Nike, Barclays, Ford, Canon, Pfizer, and many others have earned a global first–mover advantage to develop innovative, engaging, and secure use cases using their own authoritative …Read More

Brand TLD Market Brief – March 2017

In the first quarter of 2017 brands such as Audi began deploying Brand TLD use cases at an exceptional pace, registering over 500 .audi domains. We learned from Major League Baseball and the NHL’s Content and SEO Strategist that incorporating a Brand TLD with your overall marketing strategy presents a compelling use case that optimizes …Read More

Authentic Web Welcomes New Management Team Members

The addition of two new executives rounds out the Authentic Web management team to help guide our continuing expansion.   Toronto, ON – March 9, 2017 – Today Authentic Web Inc., a provider of enterprise Internet infrastructure and corporate domain registrar services, announced two additions to its management team to help drive the company’s growth. Joining …Read More