TLS/SSL certificate management

HTTPS Encryption everywhere is the new standard but having it everywhere can be hard to manage

Placing TLS (formerly SSL) certificates on your homepage and e-commerce site used to be good enough. Google, Safari, Firefox and Mozilla changed all that in 2018. Keeping your brand and customers safe requires that you encrypt everything:

  • Domains
  • Subdomains
  • Domain Redirects

Managing and administering TLS certificates was never easy.

Typical TLS Cert IssuesAuthentic Web Solution
Multiple steps to create key and certificateOne-button click to add cert to domain
Certificate expiry date trackingAutomated cert renewal
Certs, Domains, DNS managed separatelyCerts, domains, DNS integrated under one system
Redirect domains not encrypted or too costlySecure, low-cost encrypted redirect service

HTTP ENCRYPTION EVERYWHERE is the new standard for all major browsers and search engines.

The challenge to organizations to implement HTTPS everywhere is the increased administrative burden and cost of managing certs on every domain, subdomain and redirect domain.

The smart solution is to put certs, domains and DNS control under a single, integrated easy-to-manage system.

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