Deploy and manage your own .Brand Registry

Deploy, innovate on and scale trusted use cases.
Differentiate with your new and authentic digital identity asset.

The new Brand Registry is a secure, authentic, trusted and a proprietary slice of the Internet.

Hundreds of brands have applied for their own .Brand registry. Not all have equally succeeded in successfully deploying the use cases they need to outcomplete and demonstrate a return on their investment.

Understanding the capabilities of the brand registry is the first challenge. What is a brand registry? What are the use cases and technologies available to unlock the potential? You need systems and services specifically designed to leverage the new capabilities and to differentiate on your Brand Registry.

How do you:

  • Deploy innovation use cases with control, visibility and automation?
  • Extend digital identity management to external systems?
  • Measure, analyze and adjust digital initiatives with easy-to-use tools?
  • Address the need for change management control and audits?
  • Leverage your new brand registry asset to differentiate?

Systems designed for Brand Registry innovation.

The Authentic Web platform is uniquely designed for Brand Registry use case innovations. We equip digital teams with enterprise tools to outcompete.

Learn about our next generation Brand Registry platform designed for the new TLD era.

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