Control your Domain Assets

Corporate Domain Name Management
can be complex and costly.

Most companies admit that managing their domains has become a problem. As domain portfolios grow ever larger, so too does the effort required to manage domains and DNS.

As business stakeholders continue to order more and more domains, IT must keep up with the task of provisioning and managing the domains with their correct DNS settings. Over time, domain portfolios become large and challenging to maintain.

Lacking unified control systems, many organizations rely on multiple registrar admin panels and multiple DNS services. Unified access, change management control and reporting can be difficult if not impossible. When businesses add up the total cost of managing their critical domain and DNS assets, they realize their true costs far exceed the price of the domains alone.

Time to move on from the old ways

If you manage your domains with spreadsheet lists, email ticketing and forms, It may be time to rethink and retool.

Managing domains and DNS on separate systems presents two immediate problems:

  1. Every new domain or domain change requires a separate and disconnected process to execute the matching DNS system change. That spells effort and error potential. (If you have multiple registrars and DNS services – so much the worse!)
  2. Having visibility to domain and DNS performance in a single view is essential to digital network performance.

Authentic Web offers an agnostic approach to integrating domain management with DNS platforms: we have solutions to connect you your choice of DNS environment OR we can provide direct between our domain management platform and DNS offered by Dyn (an Oracle Company.)

Either way, you IT staff and Digital Marketing team will thank you, because integrating domain management and DNS makes life simpler and offers a wealth of useful business intelligence and data, not easily seen on disparate (non-integrated) systems

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