Corporate Domain Management

Corporate Domain Management can be complex, costly, and exposed to security risks. Most organizations admit their domain and DNS change management processes are largely manual, made more difficult by having multiple domain registrars and managed DNS service providers. Lacking a unified, systems-based approach to managing domains, the DNS, and TLS certificates, organizations are increasingly exposed to DNS security risks.

Managing domains and DNS is complicated and costly

Once upon a time, the typical organization owned a few dozen dot-com domains and some special Top-Level Domains (TLDs.) Life was easier back then. With over 1,400 available TLDs today, organizations own and manage hundreds to thousands of domains – each subject to:

  • Multiple zone files (resource records)
  • Mandatory TLS certificate-based encryption
  • DNS security settings (DNSSEC, DMARC, SPF, etc.)
  • All mapping to a network comprised of multiple DNS providers

Change management tools used by enterprise for this mission-critical digital infrastructure is often rudimentary. Email threads and spreadsheets are commonly used “solutions” to domain management. 

Disconnected domain registrar and DNS admin portals are not much better.

Every domain registrar, managed DNS service and TLS certificate vendor has its own, propriety administrative portal environment. Some rely on call-center support for change management, i.e., ordering, cancelling, or changing domains and DNS settings.

Lacking a unified, systems-based domain and DNS change management, most organization rely instead on manual processes, and fragmented, vendor-provided, non-integrated change management processes. The result is manual processes, inefficient use of IT resources, and DNS security exposure.

It’s time to move on from the old ways If you manage your domains with spreadsheet lists, email ticketing, forms, and multiple vendor portals, it’s time to rethink and retool!
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Consolidate your Domain, DNS, and TLS certificate management to a single, unified control point.

Authentic Web solves domain-related change management problems by integrating domain management with DNS and TLS certificate platforms. We can connect to your choice of DNS environment OR we can provide direct integration between our domain management platform and enterprise-grade DNS, partnering with Dyn (an Oracle Company.)

Either way, your IT staff and Digital Marketing team will thank you. Integrating domain management with DNS on a single control system is easier, more efficient, secure and compliant.

Two ways to benefit from AuthenticWeb Systems

Consolidate your Domains and DNS to AuthenticWeb

If domain and DNS consolidation is high on your priorities, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring your domain assets to AuthenticWeb under a single point of control. Our unified, integrated solution combines enterprise-grade domain registrar services, with robust managed DNS, secondary DNS, and even TLS certificate management under one, automated change management system. It’s the easiest, most efficient, and secure way to manage your domains, DNS and DNS-related security.

Use your own choice of Registrar and DNS Service

Some organizations need a systems-based, improved way to manage domains, DNS, and DNS security. They don’t necessarily need a consolidation or migration project. No problem! AuthenticWeb’s integrated, vendor-agnostic approach can transform your change management processes with a systems-based approach, using your own choice of domain registrar and managed DNS service.

The choice is yours

Gain complete control of your Domain Assets and DNS
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