The top level domain space is exploding with risk and opportunity. The game has changed. It is time for a new approach.

The TLD expansion program is creating a strategic imperative for digital marketing leadership to rethink domain strategies. The strategy best suited to any organization depends on the business objectives reflected by both CMO and CIO priorities. Each is considered and weighted to develop your TLD strategic direction. Priorities are:

  • Brand identity and awareness.
  • Budget, analytics and ROI in digital initiatives.
  • Customer Engagement: Mobile • Social • Identity.
  • Brand Protection: Proactive and Re-active activities and costs.
  • Security, Systems Integration and Automation
  • Change management and innovation
  • Brand Registry ownership intent: YES – NO – MAYBE?

“We value having the engagement to walk us through this oft-ignored part of our digital business.” Executives have a predisposition that domains are a static digital asset, offering little to a brand’s innovation mission. The new TLD expansion program is changing this thinking and driving the need to build a new TLD strategy.