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Brand Registry Security

Enterprise data security is at risk due to known DNS authentication and TLS encryption weaknesses. The single biggest threat to data-in-motion is our collective reliance on The Chain of Trust which is universally acknowledged by security authorities to be compromised. Supply chain, IoT, EDI, WIFI – any server-server or server-network relying on the Chain of Trust for route authentication and data-in-motion encryption is vulnerable.
Your Brand Registry is a secure, trusted, authentic space with superior security capabilities over generic TLDs.

The Registry Trust Manager is a new security control application that uses your Brand Registry to authenticate network connections and ensure data-in-motion encryption.

Benefits Eliminate DNS and TLS security weaknesses that put your enterprise data at risk
ico iot
IoT IoT exponentially expands the DNS attack surface for enterprise. Get the IoT benefits without the known Chain of Trust risks. Your own Brand Registry is a proprietary, non-public DNS environment. The Registry Trust Manager puts you in control of DNS authentication and TLS security.
Ico Supply Chain
Supply Chain Few enterprise data paths are as vulnerable to security risk as vendor-administered Supply Chain networks. The best way to secure this high-risk environment is to remove the public DNS component. The Registry Trust Manager is your own, private and secure control platform that locks down DNS authentication and the TLS.
ICO cloud
Cloud The cloud is here to stay, and so are the myriad security risks that accompany a quasi-public DNS network infrastructure – that is, unless you operate your own Brand Registry. The Registry Trust Manager puts your DNS and TLS security under a private TLD environment that you control. 
EDI Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is used in many enterprises and between enterprises to exchange documents and data. Ensuring the chain of trust is guaranteed between these endpoints and to ensure encryption is assured, the Registry Trust Manager solution delivers automation, monitoring and remediation to keep data secure.
Platform Protect your company data and keep customers safe with RTM RTM anchors on the trust of a Brand Registry to protect your data and keep customers safe. Learn about RTM
White paper Extending the Trust Anchor: 4 Use Cases The Registry Trust Manager can be used by network infrastructure teams in a variety of use cases. Download the whitepaper
Blog post 9 TLS and DNS Risks to Enterprise Security and Compliance Multiple, known weaknesses in the internet chain of trust put enterprise data security at risk. This whitepaper identifies 9 issues with DNS and TLS that organizations need to understand and address to ensure data is secure and customers are protected. Read post
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