Brand Registry Deployment and Management

The new Brand Registry is a secure, authentic, and trusted digital space for digital enterprises and their customers. Over 550 global brands have applied for their own .Brand Registry. The consumer trust, security, and control advantages of a Brand Registry are game changing for those brands innovative enough to deploy successfully.  In order to launch compelling Brand .tld use cases and earn a positive return on investment, organizations must first fully understand the capabilities of the Brand Registry. What is a brand registry? What are the best use cases to unlock the potential of your digital brand? What technologies and services are available to leverage the new capabilities of your Brand Registry?

A Brand Registry is a powerful digital asset to organizations that deploy successful use cases. A well-managed Brand TLD drives increased customer engagement and strengthens brands while increasing online security. To benefit from the compelling uses for a Brand Registry, brand leaders need two key program elements: A Brand TLD strategy and an efficient Brand Registry management platform. The first identifies the most powerful use cases with a positive ROI, and the second makes deployment easy to initiate and manage.


Managed Brand Registry use cases engage digital users, improve online security and strengthen digital brands.

Deploy innovation use cases with control, visibility and automation
Extend digital identity management to external systems
Measure, analyze and adjust digital initiatives with easy-to-use tools
Address the need for change management control and audits
Leverage your new brand registry asset to differentiate
Reduce medium and long term Total Cost of Ownership on domains, DNS and Brand Protection

Brand TLD Webinar

Building a Brand Top-Level Domain Business Case Our CEO Peter LaMantia in collaboration with the Brand Registry Group delivered an educational webinar for business, digital and IT leaders.

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Your brand needs to own and execute a winning Brand Registry digital strategy.

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April 2021 Brand TLD Market Brief

In this brief we focus on: DIGITAL BRAND TRUST. As consumers, how do we know a website can be trusted to be brand authentic and not pose a security threat?
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Jump The Curve: Part 2

Our CEO Peter LaMantia delivered two Brand TLD educational webinars for business, digital and IT leaders. In this webinar, Peter walks through a practical methodology to build and execute a Brand TLD Strategy. 
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