Brand Registry Application

90% of senior digital executives agree, once informed: "A Brand Registry is an innovation opportunity."

Business Case • Application • ICANN Expertise

In Round 1, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) received over 500 applications from medium and large enterprises for the right to operate their own Brand Registries. In 2015, several brands began to use their registries, most with test and learn initiatives. Other brands announced full transitions driven by the security and messaging benefits of a Brand Registry.

ICANN has committed to a second round for enterprises who missed applying in Round 1. It is widely anticipated by industry insiders that Round 2 will be dominated by brands who seek to level the competitive playing field and secure their digital entities. These brands are preparing themselves. Are you ready?

  • Engage with experts to understand the background and implications.
  • Prepare the business case to support the decision.
  • Prepare and submit the ICANN application.
  • Manage the application through the ICANN process.
  • Develop and resource the plan to deploy differentiating use cases.

We prepare your business case and manage the ICANN application to completion.

Get Your Brand Registry

Get a Brand Registry. Secure your digital future.

If you have a differentiation and technology innovation mission, or if you seek to lock down your digital identity future, then you need to acquire a your authentic, trusted and secure Brand Registry.

Reach out. We help brand teams understand, apply, acquire and deploy Brand Registries.