Business Intelligence

Empower teams with DNS insights, domain portfolio health and tools to optimize digital performance.

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Business leaders do not have a clear picture of their domain name portfolio performance. Executives are blind on the data underlying their digital brand identity generated on the DNS data stream.

Without the ability to view business generated data, managers cannot make smart decisions to improve performance. The result is a static or failing domain portfolio that does not drive value to the business.

Leaders need to access relevant data and tools to inform and execute good decision making. With business intelligence, organizations gain a digital performance and cost structure advantage. Ask the first questions:

  • How do we measure our domain portfolio health on cost v. performance?
  • Do decision makers have real-time access to DNS generated data?
  • Do our teams manage domains decisions with excel and execute with email?
  • Is our portfolio optimized? How do we know?

Our platform delivers business intelligence with DNS insights and domain health reporting.

Gain Business Intelligence

Gain business intelligence. Drive digital performance.

As the digital identity space expands, it is becoming increasingly complex and fast moving. Brand managers and teams require business intelligence visibility to make and execute smart decisions with easy to use enterprise tools.

Contact us and we will show you what domain business intelligence looks like.