Managed DNS

Our Managed DNS infrastructure includes best-in-class capabilities to meet demanding, diverse and evolving needs of enterprise IT including best-in-class DNS response, intelligent routing and uptime availability to ensure the business operates at peak performance.

Performance. DNS Insights. Business Agility.

DNS Control Hub Demonstration

Learn how our DNS intelligence and tools empower teams.


Managed DNS Control Hub Interface

Our DNS control hub tools allow IT users to quickly set, troubleshoot and edit zone entries. All entries are logged for future reference or audits as required. Zone edits are instant and connected to either our back-end Managed DNS infrastructure or where integrated, to client proprietary DNS or third party DNS providers. Our DNS control hub tool are easy and powerful, designed for demanding enterprise users.

DNS Control Hub
DNS Insights

DNS Insights

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Authentic Web systems are designed to capture and graphically present business generated DNS query data. The data is also made available for raw export.

The software rolls up data by operating entities, departments and by domain purpose. The ability to view business generated data helps digital marketing users make smart and fast decisions to improve business results. Our DNS control hub tools allow IT permissioned users to easily adjust, add or delete resource records.

Domain Portfolio Health

Domains are the digital identity your business presents to the world. Poor portfolio management reflects on the business. If your DNS infrastructure is not enterprise grade responsive or if your resource records are poorly configured, this will impact web experience presentation. It will not matter if the web experience is revolutionary if audiences cannot interact with it seamlessly.

Domain portfolios are notoriously challenging to manage, highly technical and difficult to expose performance in aggregate for business management purposes. Authentic Web systems are designed to empower teams with health reporting to manage portfolio performance. This includes zone file visibility, activity, portfolio make up, DNS usage, monitoring, alerts and health measures. The software then exposes easy to use tools to improve your portfolio performance.

DNS Integration

DNS Control Hub Integration

The Authentic Web platform offers a Managed DNS infrastructure agnostic option. Our integrated back-end DNS provider is world-class, however, some enterprises IT leaders prefer not to transition DNS infrastructure immediately. At the same time, they want to benefit from DNS usage, health tools and change management controls.

Using our Service Connector Framework, the control hub is designed for integration on demand. In such cases, integration allows digital teams to submit change requests and for IT permissioned users to manage the infrastructure from the single control hub, recording change history, capturing and presenting DNS data and enabling domain health tools to inform and empower digital and IT teams to optimize digital performance.

Why Outsource DNS

Managing DNS internally requires capital investment in hardware and software. It requires hiring high-end DNS expertise and bearing ongoing operational costs including power, cooling, rack space, hidden costs and overhead. You must also continually invest to deploy technology to address DDOS, routing related solutions and other business continuity requirements. Anycast is complex technology to properly implement and maintain but it is a modern requirement to deliver network performance and redundancy.

Businesses focused on delivering enterprise grade DNS infrastructure will always have a superior performing network than your organization because this is what they do. Outsourcing will result in THREE clear benefits: 1. Improve Business Performance, 2. Reduce Technology Cost, and 3. Create cycles and focus for your technology leaders and team to advance your core business.

The DNS Infrastructure. Performance. Delivered

Our DNS infrastructure, is powered by our fully integrated partner Dyn. Theirs is a best-in-class DNS network to meet demanding, diverse and evolving needs of enterprise IT. Enterprises require advanced DNS response, intelligent routing and uptime availability to ensure the business operates at peak performance.

Dyn Logo

Dyn Managed DNS provides a worldwide DNS infrastructure and deep DNS expertise to ensure global performance availability and DNS-level security.


Ensure properties are available through 24/7 monitoring, active failover and fast propagation times.


Route end users away from degrading end points to higher performing locations. Dyn has the most accurate geolocation database in the world, ensuring end users get routed to the best end point based on locations. And Dyn’s anycast network provides the best response times in the industry, delivering the performance you need when your website receives multiple DNS requests.


DNS security and DDos Mitigtation is addressed with 24/7 monitoring to help defend against attacks. Dyn distributes DNS queries across a large network of DNS name servers to absorb traffic overloads.

Feature Set

  • Anycast DNS
  • Geolocation Load Balancing
  • Ratio Load Balancing
  • Active Failover
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Primary, secondary, hidden master support
  • 24/7 Monitoring
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