Digital Identity Services

Digital identity services are designed to extend your digital brand and deliver business intelligence through data capture and presentation. Services are delivered through modern technology advances in domain management command and control and through professional service statements of work.

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Advanced Digital Identity Services

Learn how Digital Identity services will improve your digital performance.

Dynamic Page Presentation

Authentic Web bridges domain management with engagement for specific client use cases. Dynamic page presentation utilizes client HTML templates to publish and serve dynamic content pages such as simple custom park pages or other use cases with an underlying need to cascade both consistent and dynamic content elements.

Ideal for business initiatives requiring 100s or 1,000s of points of presence that can be handled outside your traditional content management system. Contact us to discuss your business objective and use case.

Digital Identity DPP
Digital Identity Redirect Services

Redirect Services

Authentic Web systems support advanced redirect provisioning, with wildcard options and traffic reporting. Redirects are widely used in domain portfolios, where clients hold sets of domain names for protection, short-term campaign labels, to capture typo traffic or other legacy initiatives long since retired. Ensuring domains resolve across your portfolio is a best practice to optimize portfolio performance.

Authentic Web offers a robust, flexible service and delivers data insights on traffic value and market behaviours evidenced in redirect domain traffic data. In large portfolios, redirects number in the 100s and 1,000s. These traffic insights delivery new visibility for digital leaders to make smart business decisions.

Service Connector Framework (SCF)

The Authentic Web platform has been architected with a unique Service Connector Framework. The SCF supports integration to bind your digital identity systems network that includes both proprietary and third party services. Executing an integration to push and pull data or to receive or trigger command events offers brand digital and IT teams with a powerful new capability to improve automation, reduce error rates, reduce workload and create operating agility for enterprise teams to execute programs.

Authentic Web’s SCF is a unique advancement in the corporate domain command and control systems space delivering value to IT and digital teams to automate digital identity use cases.

Digital Identity Service Connector Framework (SCF)
Digital Identity Acquisitions and Divestitures

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Domain acquisition and divestitures are an ongoing activity as part of a fulsome digital identity strategy and practice. Decisions on divestitures can be difficult, particularly when historical usage data is not available. The Authentic Web approach is to capture and understand domain value based on usage. Using this intelligence, digital managers can create asset value classes for business use and/or support valuations of assets for potential divestitures in the aftermarket.

Authentic Web's systems provide your teams the intelligence to make good decisions. In the execution of acquisitions or divestitures we partner with top class industry brokers and specialists to support client needs.

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