"Prevention is better than the cure."
Desiderius Erasmus
We all know that identifying the symptoms of pain sooner rather than later is encouraged. This has never been more true in the domain space, where ignoring the symptoms of domain pain can have a significant impact on your business finances and operations, especially now with hundreds of new TLDs.

sick dudeThe consequences are rising costs, wasted resources, lost time and ballooning domain portfolios which impairs operational health.

Domain pain is often ignored or hidden. It is complicated and requires diagnosis to understand. Only then can you design remedies before it’s too late.

That’s why we created this guide to help you identify and remedy your company’s domain pain. In this guide we focus on the first of two domain pain ailments, a conditon known as Domain Cost and Time Hemorrhaging (DCTH).


1. In under 5 minutes, can you identify how many domain names you own?
2. Do you know how many inactive domains names are in your portfolio?
3. Do you know why each domain name in your portfolio was registered?
4. In under 5 minutes, can you calculate your monthly domain costs?
5. Do you have online reports to view your historical domain registrations?
6. Are your domain names consolidated under one registrar?
7. Do you know how your domains are distributed across your organization?

The Domain Medic diagnoses:

You answered NO to [NUMBER] of the above questions which means you have a symptom of DCTH.

Take these recomended steps and place yourself on the road to recovery.

  1. Determine how many domain names you own and your average cost per domain.
  2. Determine how much time you spend managing, renewing and reporting on domain names.
  3. Contact the Domain Medic for a free check-up.

Domain Cost and Time Hemorrhage

DCTH is a rampant disease that limits execution agility. It is also a leading cause of resource drain in people and funds. Domain specialists estimate that companies suffering from DCTH incur 30-50% drag on operational effectiveness.

The Domain Medic diagnoses:

You answered YES to all the above questions which means you do not appear to have DCTH. Congratulations, you’re in good domain health. Stay tuned for a health check on Sub Domain Embolism.


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