Domain Name System Services: DNS

Authentic Web offers two managed DNS options - either of which are certain to improve your operational efficiency, security and compliance.

Managed DNS with Control Hub Interface

Our Managed DNS with control hub allows IT users to quickly set, troubleshoot and edit zone entries. All entries are logged and audited for compliance. Zone edits are instant and connected to our fully integrated Managed DNS infrastructure.

Integrating domain and DNS management under a single, integrated control hub delivers increased security, compliance and delivers invaluable management data and visibility into these two critical network systems.

For maximum network resiliency, look to our Secondary DNS service.

Agnostic DNS Control Hub Integration

API integration using our Service Connector Framework integrates with your choice of managed DNS services with all the benefits of our centralized domain/DNS control hub. Integration lets you to manage the infrastructure from a single control hub, recording change history, capturing and presenting DNS data and enabling domain health tools. Your digital and IT teams will gain optimized digital performance impossible with unconnected, standalone domain and DNS systems.

The DNS Infrastructure. Performance. Delivered

Our DNS infrastructure, is powered by our fully integrated partner, Dyn. Theirs is a best-in-class DNS network to meet demanding, diverse and evolving needs of enterprise IT. Enterprises require advanced DNS response, intelligent routing and uptime availability to ensure the business operates at peak performance.

Dyn Managed DNS provides a worldwide DNS infrastructure and deep DNS expertise to ensure global performance availability and DNS-level security.


Ensure properties are available through 24/7 monitoring, active failover and fast propagation times.


Route end users away from degrading end points to higher performing locations. Dyn has the most accurate geo-location database in the world, ensuring end users get routed to the best end point based on locations. And Dyn's anycast network provides the best response times in the industry, delivering the performance you need when your website receives multiple DNS requests.


DNS security and DDoS Mitigation is addressed with 24/7 monitoring to help defend against attacks. Dyn distributes DNS queries across a large network of DNS name servers to absorb traffic overloads.

  • Feature Set
  • Geo-location Load Balancing
  • Ratio Load Balancing
  • Active Failover
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Primary, secondary, hidden master support
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Secondary DNS

Authentic has partnered with CIRA to offer D-Zone, a secondary DNS service fully integrated into the Authentic Web management system. Secondary DNS provides a redundant DNS service that operates in parallel to your primary DNS. Redundancy and distributed load protects you from DDoS attacks and enhances the performance of your digital network.

D-ZONE Service Description

D-Zone is a secondary Anycast DNS service with a global footprint. This architecture improves performance, increases resilience and helps to mitigate DDoS attacks.

  • Feature Set
  • Fully redundant, load balanced state-of-the-art
    equipment in 12 nodes around the globe
  • Eight nodes running coast-to-coast in Canada,
    close to population centers.
  • Two Anycast clouds provides a second layer of redundancy
  • Monitored and managed 24x7 to respond to any issues, including mitigating any active DDoS attacks impacting the DNS
  • Provisioned by an industry leading web portal or by REST API
  • 100% up-time SLA
  • Support for IPv6, DNSSEC, and TSIG
  • 24x7 support

Redirect Services

Authentic Web systems support advanced redirect provisioning, with wildcard options and traffic reporting. Redirects are widely used in domain portfolios, where clients hold sets of domain names for protection, short-term campaign labels, to capture typo traffic or other legacy initiatives long since retired. Ensuring domains resolve across your portfolio is a best practice to optimize portfolio performance.

Digital Identity Redirect

Authentic Web offers a robust, flexible service and delivers data insights on traffic value and market behaviours evidenced in redirect domain traffic data. In large portfolios, redirects number in the 100s and 1,000s. These traffic insights delivery new visibility for digital leaders to make smart business decisions.

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