Enterprise Domain Management for the new TLD Era

Digital Brand success depends on your domain portfolio

Most large companies have taken years to build a large domain portfolio – which they rarely look at or use to optimize their digital brand.

Your Domain Portfolio is vital to your brand. We can unleash the brand power of this untapped digital asset.
Do you know which of your domains are performing vs. those that aren’t?

Most marketers have no idea what kind of traffic their digital properties are getting. We can put valuable business intelligence like DNS queries by domain at your fingertips.

Is your domain management process easy and simple to follow?

Multiple stakeholders, unclear ownership, manual forms and management by spreadsheet make domains a total pain. An automated system could fix all that.

Do you know the ROI and total cost of your domains?

Many brands find that over 30% of their domains don’t even point anywhere. Fixing or eliminating domains with issues will strengthen your brand and save you money.

Are you aware of what your competitors are doing with their domains?

Many marketers are using innovative domain strategies to build brand equity and better engage customers. Is your brand vulnerable to your competitors’ domain strategy?

Have you considered the benefits of having your own .Brand top-level domain?

Over 600 brands have applied for their own “dot Brand” domain extension. This number is expected to explode in the next 18 months…do you have a plan?

"The platform is easy to use and high performance - for both IT and Marketing." Head of Global Digital Marketing, Global Consultancy to F500

Facts About Marketing Domain Pain

Marketing Executives surveyed overwhelmingly admit challenges and a need to address domain-related digital brand issues.

94% of Marketing Execs have no easy access to performance data from their domain portfolio.

25-40% of enterprise domains fail resolve or have errors.

47% of Marketers were unaware that competitors in their space had applied for or launched their own .Brand TLD.


Control – Visibility - Automation

We equip enterprise teams with domain automation and business intelligence to optimize and innovate digital brands.