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Whether you currently use a corporate registrar or retail registrars, chances are your team lacks the necessary tools to manage your domains effectively and economically. We can help.

Common Domain Management Problems... And How We Solve Them

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Reduce total cost of ownership by 30-50%

Consolidate registrars and DNS under a single pane of glass

Fully automate digital health and security

Total security with role-based, permissioned access

Workflow control and audit history

Time saving automated process that eliminate errors

"Authentic Web gave us single pane of glass control and visibility over our domains and DNS.
We would never go back to the way we used to manage this."

Authentic Web Customer

Facts about IT Domain Pain

IT Directors surveyed overwhelmingly admit challenges and a need to address domain management issues.

90% of IT Directors state that domain management is a problem across internal functional groups.

25-40% of enterprise domains fail resolve or have errors.

75% of IT Directors lack tools to efficiently uncover and resolve errors to maintain DNS health.

Zone files, A Records, server settings... wouldn’t it be great to have A system to manage all this?

Control – Visibility - Automation

We equip enterprise teams with domain automation and business intelligence to optimize and innovate digital brands.

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